Lego… Lego everywhere. Win a Lego Prize pack!

Is it just me or do most houses with kids in them get taken over with Lego? I’ve found the little coloured bricks in the washing, pantry, in my bed, the fridge, in the car…. everywhere!

I don’t think anything can compare to the pain of standing on one of those little mofo’s in the middle of the night… not even child birth can compare to the indent in your foot created by those little plastic weapons of mass foot destruction!

Mr Thomas and some of his creations: 

The best thing ever was when I bought my Dyson vacuum cleaner and the Lego bricks don’t clog it up like they used to in the old Hoover. As I have told the boys, if it’s on the floor when I’m vacuuming then it’s fair game for the Dyson to suck it up… yes, I am mean mother like that!
Mind you, Lego has been in this household for sixteen plus years With three boys who love it, there is definitely not a shortage of it here. Two extra large tubs here and three large tubs at their Dad’s house and they still want more! I find it interesting that Lego has been in Australia for 50 year and still manages to capture the imagination of children the world over.

I used to play with my brother’s Lego when I was younger and preferred Lego to playing with my barbie dolls.  Well yes, I was a tomboy but making houses out of Lego was fun.
Anyway, back to the present day.

 Even the cat plays with Lego. You can’t help but laugh at a cat hitting around a piece of Lego on tiled floors and rolling around with it in her paws and then carrying it around in her mouth like a prized piece of meat. Just too cute for words! Although, the boys aren’t too impressed when they can’t get the Lego off her.

Here are the boys with more of their creations:

If you haven’t yet ventured into Myer Melbourne yet, I highly recommend doing so. Not just for the store itself but for the amazing Lego displays. The boys loved it. Here are some pictures of the boys in Myer and some of the Lego displays:

Aren’t they amazing? You would have to wonder who has the patience to build them and the time it took, don’t you?

To celebrate our love of Lego, we are giving away 1 of 4 LEGO Monster Fighters Prize packs!

Each prize pack is valued at $50.98 and includes: 1x The Mummy and 1x The Werewolf.

The Mummy (RRP$15.99)

Trained magician Ann Lee wants to stop the Mummy, who is in his chariot on the way to the vampire Castle to deliver a moonstone. He defends himself with a big sabre, and spurs on his glow-in-the-dark skeleton horse. But it will take more than that to frighten off the courageous heroine.

The Werewolf (RRP$34.99)
Major Quinton Steele is in his hot rod – a car specially designed for hunting monsters – chasing the Werewolf. But the evil Werewolf is already up the magic tree, lying in wait in werewolf lair. Just as the right moment he catapults himself from the treetop and onto the Major. Who will win the fight?

The boys received a pack to review/ evaluate and they said it was ‘awesome’. They have been having battles etc with the figures and playing with them for hours, so I take that as a pretty good sign the Monster Fighters Lego is pretty cool!

To Enter: 

‘Like’ or already be a liker of Mummy of Style and Substance on Facebook. 

And in 25 words or less post a comment below telling us why your kids love Lego so much. 

Entries close 28th October at 5pm. Good Luck!! 


  • Sonia

    Besides Lego being great in developing kids imaginations and fine motor skills, my kids think it’s AWESOME and they LOVE IT!!!!

  • Sonia

    Besides Lego being a great product to develop children’s imaginations and fine motor skills, my kids think it’s AWESOME and the LOVE IT!

  • Jodi

    As they love leaving it lying around on the floor, so mummy does her “Ooowwww Ooowwww” dance hopping on one foot after stepping on it!

  • Catherined

    They are loving the constant challenge of putting it together; pulling it apart etc and I am loving that it is a toy being used more than once!

  • Dan

    My son loves building towers, and now that he’s old enough to handle lego he can make them bigger than he is.

  • Dan

    My son loves to build towers, and now that he can connect lego he makes them bigger than he is.

  • bardie

    Fun, educational, helps with development, colourful, construct many objects, creative, keeps them quiet….the list goes on

  • carmen

    Eight kids plus Lego equals heaps of variety to keep them all happy! In pairs or individually! Mum’s sanity is forever grateful!

  • Tim Watts

    Our daughter loves Lego because it’s the perfect activity for daddy-daughter time – a toy that offers creative fun that crosses both genders and generations.

  • Tim Watts

    Our daughter loves Lego because it’s the perfect activity for daddy-daughter time – a toy that offers creative fun that crosses both genders and generations.

  • Bronwyn

    I think my boys like it because you can leave little reminders in each room of your collection – lounge, kitchen, study, bedrooom…

  • Melissa

    I’m sure the Monsters Lego would love to meet our Star Wars, Toy Story, Ninjago, SpongeBob & Indiana Jones Lego. They’ll be one happy family!

  • Josefa Pete

    Lego turns my boys into building pals, police and bad guys, vampires fighting the jedhi – two brothers, building a friendship as strong as the Lego

  • Alison

    Miss 7 is one of 5 and Lego takes her into her own world away from her siblings – she loves it!

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