Cleaning Calamity

A few days ago I woke up to this:

Thank you Mr apprentice chef for making dinner but not clean up afterwards when he said he would… aaarg! Empty packets and tins, mess on the benches, stove top mess and dishes not put in the dishwasher. Yes, that is a Wii remote on the bench as well. So, guess who had to clean it up? Yes, you guessed it good ole Mum. I’m not sure where this “Oh, it will be right. Mum will clean it up!” business came from. It seems to be the norm in this house. Maybe it’s a boy thing. There is three of them in this house and the mess doesn’t seem to end.  Is it at your house too? Being a perfectionist Virgo, it just doesn’t work with having a messy house. I can’t stand mess or clutter!

Just as well I have a secret weapon when it comes to cleaning my kitchen and bathrooms and I’m not afraid to share it!

The Viva range of cleaning products have been a god send for me and I can’t praise them highly enough. The stainless steel wipes are fantastic and literally make stainless steel look like new! I’ve been using them for about two to three years now.
So after about half an hour of cleaning, here is my kitchen again:

I used the Viva kitchen wipes to wipe down the benches and cook top, the stainless steel wipes for the cook top, dishwasher, oven and fridge and Viva paper towel with Windex surface and glass to wipe down the cupboards and tiles. 
In the bathroom and ensuite, I use the Viva shower wipes on the bath, basin, bench top and tiles. The Viva glass wipes on the mirrors and showers screens.

What do you hate about cleaning? What tips can you give others to ease the pain of cleaning?
Would you like to ease the pain of cleaning even more? 
Viva are giving you the chance to WIN a Cleaner! Entry is simple;

– click the link
– choose your fun cleaning character
– share it & enter your details. 

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