Life-Changing Hacks Every Working Mum Needs to Know

Since being a mum can be a job on its own, adding another actually paid job on top of it can sometimes feel like you’re having two full time jobs on your hands. Balancing your actual work with motherhood can be a challenge with one task needing to be ticked off the list just as you’ve dealt with the last one. By following our simple hacks you’ll master the art of juggling kids and a job.

Have a chore schedule

Keeping the house clean may be a bit too hard sometimes when you have both a job and kids to deal with. In order to overcome this issue and have the most presentable living space possible keep a chore schedule. It should be put up somewhere where you’ll see it every day like on the fridge or on the kitchen door. In this way you don’t have to spend your time actively thinking when was the last time you scrubbed the bathroom floor, you’ll have it written down.

Pay your kids to do their chores

While we’re at the topic of chores, no one is saying that you should be the only one working around the house. If you have kids that are old enough to help, they’ll feel even more motivated to do so if you give them some change for it. You could write down their names on the chore calendar and they can tick it off the list when they’re done. This way you’ll have some of the house keeping off your hands and you’ll be teaching your kids about the value of money.

Buy groceries in bulk

When you grow grocery shopping devise a list of food which will realistically last you and your family the entire week. Think about the meals you’ll be making for the week and devise a thorough shopping list. Also, if you have a baby or a toddler, don’t forget to put their milk formula on the list since it’s the easiest thing to forget because it’s not adult food. If you have a toddler, consider getting Enfagrow stage 3 formula because it’s enriched with all the vitamins they need. 

Do meal prepping

While you could do regular meal prepping and devote an entire afternoon to making everything your family will have for the week, another more realistic hack is to cut the vegetables and the meat you’ll need for the meals beforehand. Take an hour on your day off to go through the meals you’d like to have that week, chop everything and put it in some tupperware in your fridge. This way when it comes the time to do the actual cooking you’ll be able to just throw it all together.  

Have a functional morning routine

Morning is the most hectic part of the day and in order to make the most out of it you need to have a short and sweet morning routine. Cut nonessential things off of it such as washing your hair. If you figure out that you’re one of the lucky ones that can go a day or two without washing your hair you’ll be saving so much time. Also, think of your makeup routine. Our advice is to keep it simple and stick to the same products since you’ll spend less time thinking about what to put on your face and will be ready and presentable more quickly.

Designate a date for paying the bills

Whether it be the first of the month or the 15th you need to have a set date for paying your bills. You may be able to set some of your bills on auto-pay but for those which can’t be paid in this way pick a date. Bills are easy to forget about and paying a late fee is money out your pocket that could be much better spent.

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