Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Public Speakers

Hiring a professional speaker for a presentation soon?

Before you do, make sure you’re picking public speakers who won’t fail the event or get you in trouble. You’ll only get one chance to impress the crowd, after all. The speaker could make or break your business’s hopes of expanding the brand or landing new deals.

Not sure how to pick the right public speaker? Fret not, we’re here to guide you with these five useful tips below:

1. Related Fields

Always make sure that the person speaking at business events can relate to the general theme and the audience.

You don’t want to bring someone good at paper marketing to speak at an event all about current trends in digital ads and SEO. The disconnection can confuse both the speaker and the audience.

Consider hiring a keynote speaker to feature as the headline speaker at an event. They are specialists in their respective areas and can represent specific topics and industries. A prerequisite of any event keynote speaker’s repertoire is to ensure that the audience is left inspired and entertained. They can give the audience motivation and inspiration that can last way long after the event and change the way they think. 

2. Public Speaking Experience

Hire motivational speakers who have experience. Look into their portfolio, and their body of work, and make sure they’ve done this before. Hiring an amateur can lead to an avalanche of problems.

For example, an inexperienced speaker might panic when the crowd doesn’t get their jokes. A speaker with experience will know how to pick up the pace and carry on.

Their portfolio will also reveal if they’ve ever been in trouble. The last thing you want is to hire a speaker who has ongoing issues with the law!

3. Are They Engaging?

Did you know that monotony and a lack of good flow are some of the reasons people can feel bored and uninterested? Pick speakers who know how to work with an audience. They need to know how to catch people’s attention, keep them interested, and then hook for them the rest of the talk. 

4. The Right Types of Speakers

That said, don’t focus solely on comedic speakers. There are different speaker styles for different kinds of events.

Don’t hire a motivational speaker or celebrity if you’re hosting a formal tech presentation, for example. You need someone who understands the technical jargon, especially if they’ll answer questions from the audience members after their talk.

5. Know the Audience

Limit your options for speakers according to the kind of audience you expect. If you expect business professionals who aren’t the type to waste time with idle chitchat, don’t hire speakers who joke around. Focus on speakers who get straight to the point and know how to present their talk well.

On the other hand, if your audience members aren’t straightforward business folks, you’ll need a speaker who can ease the crowd into the mood. 

Start Picking Public Speakers Now

Working with professional speakers can help you gain traction, better brand exposure, and convince the crowd to check out your products or services. However, it starts by picking public speakers that match your brand and the event. Follow these five tips to make sure you hire the right professionals.

Of course, don’t stop learning with this guide.

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