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Those Little Luxuries That Count

Your home is your palace and palaces require a level of beauty to be maintained as such. Pampering your home is a very good way of pampering yourself, as by doing so you can make your life and your home far more comfortable! For some, making home improvements is a hobby, and while it’s not always particularly cheap, you do get the thrill of watching your home transcend into something amazing.

Every time you remodel or renovate in the home, something should be added. It doesn’t have to be value, but this is always the result of a change made in the home if you’ve upgraded! Usually, what you add is charm, character and a sense of personal achievement. So, if you want to add a little something more – a little luxury – to your home, where do you start? Well, you first need to start with your budget. You need to know exactly how much money you can spend and where you can afford to part with it in the house. Next, you need to have a look at the tips we’ve listed below and get some ideas. Then? Well, then it’s time to upgrade!

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Central Vac. If you haven’t heard of this, then buckle up because you’re about to be amazed. Central vac is a whole-house vacuum system. It’s a super-suction, built-in system that has ports located through the home where hoses are attached. They have almost 5 times the suction power of a traditional vacuum cleaner, meaning that you no longer have to go up and down the stairs with the heavy vacuum cleaner! Pricey? Maybe. Worth it? Absolutely. Check it out here.

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Air Conditioning. Many homes already have central air installed, but getting ducted air conditioning installation sorted could make such a difference! It’s nice to be able to choose how hot or cool you feel and with a good system that works throughout the whole home, you can get that choice.

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Steam Shower. Everyone loves a good power shower, but a steam shower could change the game. It works like a normal shower does, but it’s attached to a steam generator which makes your shower cubicle a mini steam room. Open the sinuses, relax the muscles and clear out those pores after you shower without too much effort!

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Underfloor Heating. In the depth of those icy winter months where you get out of bed and hop to the toilet because the tiles are so cold can be no more with underfloor heating. Mould prevention is one thing you could have going for you, but the prevention of frostbite? Priceless!

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Towel Warmer. You’ve seen the rails hanging in the bathroom, but have you ever heard of a warming drawer for towels? It’s built into the cabinets and plugged in for your convenience!

These little luxuries can make a huge difference to your home and how you feel about it. Spending the money to make life more comfortable is money well spent, every time!


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