How To Choose The Perfect Lounge For Your Home

Choosing the right lounge suite for your home can be somewhat tricky. You need to find the right size, colour and it has to be practical as well as stylish.

Have you thought of a modular lounge as an option? The right modular lounge can transform your living room into a chic haven of comfort and style.

Amart Furniture have just released the Eleanor modular (pictured above), which comes in a four and five pieces for small homes right through to seven and nine pieces for larger needs.

The versatility of the Eleanor modular means you can simply add another piece or ottoman to extend your seating, if you need to extend as they family grows or your needs change. Each piece of the Eleanor Range is available individually.

A modular seating setting can elevate your comfort to a premium level of design and style, even in the smallest of apartments, unit or the biggest family homes.

Planning the layout of your space is key to choosing the right lounge. A fabric modular sofa offers a versatile configuration that can change to suit your living situation and will last a lot longer than leather with little upkeep.

Be aware of the dimensions of the lounge you wish to purchase. Consider the height of the space as well so you don’t obstruct views. When shopping for a sofa you should measure your room and think about access. The placement and proportion of the lounge compared to the overall space is essential in making a sofa look good.

A modular lounge can be arranged in a variety of layouts, there are many styles to consider. Modular or corner lounges maximise space and seating room.

Before you decide on the right lounge suit for you, you should think about what other pieces of furniture will be in the room and select a lounge that matches or complements the other pieces — flow and continuity will help create an effortless space.

When selecting a colour for a lounge, there are a lot of factors to consider including the style of your space and your lifestyle. Neutrals like grey are popular right now and are a great practical colour, especially if you have children or pets.

Families require more room, so a modular or corner lounges will often be more appropriate than a three piece lounge suite.

You want something practical that can take a few knocks but you don’t want to sacrifice style. There should also be enough room for everyone as they grow. Thinking about the space, also think of how many people will use the lounge suit. Do you have visitors regularly?

Making sure the sofa will fit into the home is essential — small entry ways, tight corners and stairwells can make things difficult, so think about accessibility and space.

Combined with a chaise section to lounge back and relax with the feet up and you have a great space to wind down.

We hope our tips on buying a lounge suit has helped with your next purchase.


#SP This post was a sponsored post in collaboration with Amart Furniture, as per our Disclosure Policy.

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