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Last year I had 20+ cms of hair chopped off for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign, where donated hair was made into wigs for women undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. The organisation behind the initiative is Look Good… Feel Better. Look Good…Feel Better is a free community service program dedicated to teaching cancer patients how to manage the appearance-related side-effects that can be caused by cancer treatment.

The Australian cosmetic industry founded the Cancer Patients Foundation, a registered charity with tax deductible status, in 1990 as a way to bring the US-based Look Good…Feel Better program to Australia so the industry and the charity could support the many Australians who receive a diagnosis of cancer every year.
When my Mum had continual chemotherapy session for aggressive form of breast cancer (both in tablet form and intravenously), the best thing she used for the sore, dry, itchy skin side effect of chemotherapy was Bio-Oil. Mum’s feet and hands used to suffer the most and Bio-Oil helped relieve the dryness and itching. Mum was going through enough with pain and nausea without having to worry about her skin.

I’m happy to announce Bio-Oil has teamed up with Look Good.. Feel Better with their Skin Stories Campaign. For every Skin Story shared on Facebook, Bio-Oil will donate $5 to Look Good… Feel Better.  I’m so happy another big company has jumped on board to help out Look Good… Feel Better.

Three well know celebrities, Sally Obermeder, Robyn Lawley and Christie Whelan Browne are ambassadors for the Skin Story campaign and have shared their own Skin Stories (Robyn’s and Sally’s are below).

To leave your Skin Story, visit Bio Oil’s Skin Stories Facebook page: https://apps.facebook.com/bio-oil-stories-aust/ and help donate money to Look Good… Feel Better. It really is a wonderful organisation and I am sure they are grateful for every $5 donated to them.

You can hear more about the Skin Story campaign here:

Busy Mum, Journalist, Blogger, Cancer survivor and Bio-Oil Skin Story ambassador, Sally Obermeder, shares her Skin Story:

Gorgeous ‘Plus size’ model and Bio-Oil Skin Story ambassador, Robyn Lawley, shares her Skin Story:

My Skin Story? I have very dry skin. It is a combination of being a redhead (redheads are known to have drier hair and skin compared to our counter parts) and having been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. I use Bio-Oil very night before bed on my arms, legs and body. It is the only product I have found to combat the dryness. There is nothing worse than having dry, scaly skin!

 Don’t forget to share your own Skin Story so Bio-Oil can donate $5 on your behalf to Look Good… Feel Better!  https://apps.facebook.com/bio-oil-stories-aust/

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