Trelise Cooper at home

Upon receiving the Ezibuy email newsletter this morning  (I have bought a few pieces of clothing and numerous home wares from Ezibuy), I was expecting the usual clothing specials or latest releases for the upcoming season. This time… Not so! The email was all about news of the new Trelise Cooper Home Collection. The collection is so absolutely stunning, I had to share it with you. To say I am in love with the collection would be an understatement!
Trelise Cooper is an internationally renowned fashion designer creating gorgeous garments and covetable collections for fabulous and empowered women. Trelise’s natural sense of beauty and design has helped cement her brand’s presence on the international fashion stage with ten flagship boutiques worldwide plus over three hundred stockists across Europe, America, Asia and Australasia and a high profile clientele including Liv Tyler, Miley Cyrus, Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts and Stevie Nicks.

Her label is synonymous with individuality. Each piece is distinctive. Alluring colours, sensuous fabrics and eye catching details create a strong, sophisticated look that appeals to the imagination.
Now Trelise is excited to be launching her exclusive collection of homeware at EziBuy based on the same philosophy she has followed in her fashion design – beautifully designed products that look good, work well and provide years of pleasure.
I am soo in love with this chair!
How cute are these prints?
This was just a taste of the collection. Isn’t it gorgeous? You can see (and purchase) pieces from the Trelise Cooper home wares collection from Ezibuy:


  • Anonymous

    So is this a paid blog post or not?

  • Kellie Anderson

    No, it is not a paid post. I love the range, so I thought I would share it with my readers. If it was a paid post I would have said so in the post.

  • A Dose of Dannie

    Love love this bedding range 🙂 Gee haven't looked at Ezibuy in ages might do it later today. Hmmm i need new bed sets these look beautiful Kellie. Thanks for this wonderful post.

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