What To Look For When Visiting A Loved One In Care

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Nursing homes play a crucial role in the lives of many. But when your parent/sibling/friend, you need to know that they are receiving the level of service they deserve.

It’s impossible to see everything that’s going on. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye to potential problems. Here are some of the things to look for in your loved one.

Change In Physical Appearance

Ageing impacts everyone, so physical changes aren’t always something to worry about. Having said that, a severe drop in weight could be an indication that something isn’t right.

Meanwhile, bruises and other physical damage should be investigated too. It’s important to stress that there is often an innocent explanation. Nonetheless, you should be aware at all times.

Poor Hygiene

Whether it’s physical or mental health issues that your loved one suffers from, hygiene can become an issue. However, there’s a clear difference between a few minutes of going unnoticed and a few hours of going untreated.

It’s important to appreciate that nursing care teams have a lot on their plate, and they can’t always attend to minor issues immediately. But if there is a genuine case of neglect here, there’s a good chance there has been in other areas too.


Perhaps the biggest sign that something isn’t right is a sudden quietness from your loved one. If they suddenly become secretive, it may be that they don’t want to worry you with their problems.

In fact, they may even speak to you about the positives in an attempt to mask the issues. You don’t need to be overly skeptical, but it is important to stay aware.

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