Here’s Why You Should Make Your Health A Priority Before Trying To Conceive

Your health should always be a priority, but sometimes life can really get in the way. You miss an exercise class, grab a snack bar for lunch, and enjoy a takeaway when you get in late from work. While none of these spells disaster for your overall health and well-being, it’s best not to make a habit of them. But there are times in life when your health should be the only thing on your mind. When you’re about to try for a baby, you could find it much easier and safer if your health is good before you start.


We can all suffer from problems with conceiving. Many doctors agree that it can be easier if your weight is in the healthy range and your diet is nutritious. But it’s not just these obvious issues that could be interfering with your natural cycles. Stress is a huge factor. It can wreak havoc with your hormones. And some say that it could lead to miscarriage. Make sure as many of your high-stress problems are resolved before you try to conceive.

Folic Acid is also recommended as a daily supplement in the months leading up to conception. It can help prevent anemia before you conceive. It could also help prevent conditions like spina bifida too. You can find supplements to support a healthy pregnancy from health shops and pharmacies. A good diet should supply much of what you need.

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If you are fit and healthy before you become pregnant, it could make the pregnancy and childbirth easier to cope with. Of course, you may not be able to prevent things like a birth injury. But you can ensure the environment your baby is nurtured in for nine months is comfortable and healthy. This gives your baby the best chance of being well for the full 40 weeks. And it should mean that you are both strong and fit enough to cope with those hard hours of labor!

Pregnancy is incredibly tiring, and so is having a newborn to look after. The better your emotional and physical health is before you begin, the better you can cope. It will also be easier for you to regain that peak physical fitness. You should also find it easier to tone your body again after pregnancy. Those that make a habit of exercising before conception tend to continue much of their activity. This can be done throughout the pregnancy and into motherhood.

Of course, if your health could be better, but you’re already pregnant, you still have time. If you’re eating well and enjoying daily activity, chances are you’re in better health than you think. That’s good for the baby, and it’s very good for you. It does get harder as the pregnancy progresses so seek out some prenatal exercise classes. There are even recipe books dedicated to maternity eating! Meditation and Yoga for pregnancy can also help you develop the focus and breathing techniques that are useful during birth. You’re about to experience a lot of changes. Stay healthy and well.


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