Looking and Feeling Good Even While Being Eco-conscious

As a woman of glamour, self-care is obviously a priority to you. There is every reason to engage in things that make you feel good, and one way to go is by looking good.

While many people think looking good and fashionable offers merely physical benefits, it’s not so. Taking care of your skin and hair and wearing luxury outfits indirectly boost your self-esteem and confidence level. Whether or not you get compliments, looking at yourself in the mirror alone is enough to get your dopamine flowing.

The benefits of looking good aren’t merely physical but also psychological.

But then, what if you’re also eco-conscious? Do you have to settle for less-worthy outfits and beauty products in an attempt to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet? Does a sustainable lifestyle amount to living like a pauper? Definitely not, especially when the beauty industry is transforming at a rate this rapid. The need to check how much hurt we’re causing our planet has prompted several beauty brands to look for sustainable ways to manufacture eco-friendly products that are just as luxurious as conventional ones. The aim is to encourage glamorous women like you to imbibe this culture rather than discourage them with low quality.

But then, looking good with sustainability in mind is not all about your clothing and beauty product purchases. It’s more far-reaching — it’s a lifestyle.

Use clean beauty products

Clean beauty advocates for the use of clean, organic products as a better replacement for synthetic products. And the best part is that choosing clean beauty is not only a service to Mother Earth but a way to avoid those frustrating side-effects of some synthetic skincare products.

However, note that not all beauty products that are tagged “natural” are clean. Some do contain toxic substances that cause undesirable side effects to the skin, such as acne, rashes, etc. Some of such toxic substances include fragrance, parabens, phthalates, and petroleum jelly, among others.

On the other hand, clean beauty products will be entirely made of natural ingredients, blended without any synthetic additives.

Furthermore, you don’t have to feel you’re getting less quality than you’d have wished for as a woman of substance. Clean natural products are highly effective and offer a more uniform and natural enhancement.

Your choice of cleaning

When you purchase luxury eco-friendly clothes, how do you wash them?

Our regular ways of washing fabrics are actually not eco-friendly, and that defeats the aim of our sustainable lifestyle. So even when your entire wardrobe is filled with clothes of natural fabric, dry cleaning or washing them with chemicals brings up your carbon footprint right back.

But not to worry, the industry is changing. There are now brands offering sustainable Luxury Silk Dry Cleaning that has zero impact on the environment. Such companies use recyclable carbon dioxide (CO2) as a silk cleanser, which can make your vibrant silk colors remain vibrant.

Although this form of cleaning hasn’t gone mainstream, you can be sure it will soon.

Avoid cheap clothing

Classy women don’t shop cheap, do they? But it goes beyond just the financial capacity.

Cheap clothing is just that: cheap! They are made of very poor quality materials and therefore wear out fast. What happens next? You throw them away as soon as you buy them, and they end up in landfills, increasing your carbon footprint. You can’t even donate or resell a cheap piece of clothing, as it’s already worn out.

You can use and dispose of 5 cheap pieces of clothing in 5 months. But one relatively expensive, high-quality piece of fabric can last you years. The less often fabric winds up in landfills, the less your carbon footprint. You’re also saving the planet while saving costs.

Repurpose fabrics

No matter how high the quality of that silk gown is, it will one day run its life course. You either get tired of it, it goes out of fashion, or it breaks. Whatever the case, you can repurpose it instead of sending it to the landfill or burning them up (this is even worse as it directly contributes to the Greenhouse Effect).

You can turn it into a rag or donate it to any charity shop near you. Such acts of kindness ultimately make you feel much better than anything else.

Learn how to repair wears yourself or give it to a professional

That $200 piece of clothing doesn’t deserve to be added to the refuse dump just because a corner ripped. If you can’t mend it yourself, get a skilled tailor to fix it for you without distorting the appearance in any way.

Keep your car key and walk sometimes

How wonderful it is to be inside your SUV and ride to the grocery store, or even just to get something you can throw into your pocket. The feeling of driving is great, but it’s best to leave the garage door undisturbed sometimes and have a 20-minute walk. While reaping the health benefits from the physical exertion, you’re also saving on gas and reducing your carbon footprint.

As we drive our cars, we burn fossil fuel which goes up into the sky and depletes the ozone layer. If you can’t yet afford an electric car, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use a car at all. On the contrary, it’s about using it only when you need it, and not for every short distance, you can easily walk.

As a form of exercise, walking offers you several health benefits, which in turn makes you feel good and healthy.

Adjust how you spend on clothes

We often make the mistake of buying things we end up using only once for a special occasion. For example, you see a gorgeous party gown flaunted on a mannequin on your way from work. After wearing it to a party and taking photographs with it, you don’t feel like wearing it a second time.

It could also be that you spend heavily on a wedding dress or one you intend to wear to your friend’s wedding. Instead of spending so much on one piece of clothing, consider putting it on one that you can use every day. It’s not about saving costs; it’s about spending wisely.

Bottom Line

Investing in your skin and appearance is an excellent decision for every woman. However, spending right matters just as much, and the environment’s health should be at the forefront of your mind while at it.

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