The Ultimate Wedding Preparation Checklist

Many things can go wrong when planning a wedding. While a member on your guest list may get sick, or you may forget something at home, you can usually hire a wedding planner to avoid having a catastrophic wedding. 

For this reason, it’s important to create a wedding preparation checklist. This way, you can have the proper wedding preparation guide by your side when planning your big day. 

But, what items should you place on your wedding preparation checklist? In this article, we’ll discuss the factors you should consider when planning a wedding. 

Fourteen to Nine Months Out

Sure, to some, it may seem excessive to plan their wedding more than a year in advance. To others, it isn’t enough time. You can cater your wedding preparation checklist to your time restraints and use this guide for reference.

When you begin to plan a wedding, you should know how much you are willing to spend and what you imagine your wedding will look like. This will give you a base to work from as you work down your list. 

The following are a few items you should get done as soon as possible. 

  • Choose a date
  • Choose your wedding party and your guests
  • Book your Venue and reserve a hotel nearby
  • Hire wedding pros
  • Shop for your dress and/or suit
  • Register for gifts 

Most of these bullets are essential for a wedding to be put together properly. This is why you should do them first. If any problems arise concerning these points, you will have plenty of time to iron them out later on. 

Eight to Four Months Out

At eight to four months out, you are getting much closer to your big day. Now is the time to begin thinking about details and becoming personal with the people moving your wedding along. 

Here is a list of the things you should be getting done during this time.

  • Purchase and send out invitations 
  • Consider your honeymoon
  • Find your bridesmaids dresses
  • Find furnishings needed for outdoor weddings
  • Outline your day-of schedule 
  • Book rehearsal dinner 
  • Find your wedding cake
  • Know what you will be wearing 

By this point, you’ll have most of the important aspects figured out. Your wedding day is coming up fast. Try not to get overwhelmed by tasks you still need to complete by not sticking to your wedding preparation checklist. 

Three to Two Months Out

Now you’re really in it. The bulk of the wedding preparation is finished, and you can focus on those satisfying final touches. 

This list is what you should be completing three to two months before your wedding day. 

  • Finalize your pick for flowers
  • Choose who will be giving toasts and readings
  • Buy your undergarments and schedule another fitting
  • Buy your rings, consider engraving and resizing
  • Give your vendors your schedule 
  • Meet with your wedding pros

Now, you must have everyone on the same page and ready to participate. Planning a wedding is rarely easy, but when everyone is doing their part, you can feel some peace. 

One Month Out 

Only one more month! You must be so excited. There is not much left to do, but you must keep checking things off your list to be prepared for the wedding. 

Here’s what you’ll need to do this month.

  • Get your marriage license
  • Mail rehearsal dinner invitations
  • Go to your last outfit fitting
  • Confirm schedule with hair, make-up, and all vendors
  • Write your vows

Since you got so much done months ago, you will not have to stress yourself with tasks during the final weeks. Spend more time preparing mentally for your day. 

One Week Out

This week is where everything comes together. There are just a few final touches to check off your wedding preparation list before you have the best day of your life.

These are your final touches.

  • Put people charge of small day-of tasks
  • Send a final schedule to your wedding party
  • Pick up your wedding day outfit
  • Prepare to pay your vendors 
  • Prepare for your honeymoon 

You’ve completed your checklist! With all this preparation your wedding should be wonderful. 

Have You Finished Your Wedding Preparation Checklist? 

Wedding preparation is key to a smooth and beautiful wedding. Our wedding preparation checklist will help you ensure that you’ve done everything you need to before your big day. 

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