Loving And Remembering A Person Who Has Passed On


TPC_WomanAloneBeachSunset_fbsWhen you lose someone you cared for, you remember their suffering and their pain. But, you forget that it’s you who is now suffering. You’re the one left trying to cope with losing them from the world, and this is never easy to do. You will be overcome with emotions and I am sure you have heard of the five stages of grief. Perhaps the best way to deal with the loss is by really understanding these stages.



When you first lose someone, you will find yourself in denial. You may find you are acting as though they are not gone. You will realise they have passed on but your emotions will not show it. This can be unhealthy because you will be keeping a lot of what you are feeling built up inside. If you do this, you may find that it comes out all at once and this will make it difficult to deal with. You must work through this stage as quickly as possible. Let your emotions out and do not let people tell you how you are or should be feeling.



The biggest part of this stage is dealing with are built up emotion. It’s important to do your best not to take out your anger on those around you. It is likely that they are grieving too, and if you take your anger out on them, you are going to make their loss even more difficult. A good way to work off anger is through exercise. As peculiar as this sounds exercise can help a great deal in relieving the huge surges of pain that you are feeling.


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After anger, some people turn to bargaining. You may find yourself reaching out for your faith or your religion at this point. Having faith in life is often a positive, not a negative. However, attempting to bargain for a life is not what faith is for. Instead, you should use your faith to help you through this difficult time. You may find peace in having faith that the person you have lost is now in a better place.



In the loss, you may then find you reach a stage of depression. This usually occurs during the planning of the funeral when you begin to understand that they are gone for good. It can be incredibly painful and difficult to deal with. You don’t want to think about what happens after they are gone. At this moment, it can be helpful to find a way to remember the person you have lost and celebrate their life. This is a proven psychological coping technique. One example might be memorial diamonds. These are jewels made from the DNA of your lost loved one so that you have something beautiful to hold on to when think of their passing.



The final stage is acceptance. Here, you will slowly recover after the passing and come to understand that life goes on. Without them, the world may feel a little less bright but you will understand they would want you to live your life to the full. Remember who they were and live on in their memory.


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