Fantastic Ideas For Keeping In Touch With Your Friends Once You Leave College

Leaving college can be seen as a blessing or a curse. While they’ll be the happiness that there will be no more assignments to concentrate on, it becomes easy to start missing the great friends you’ve made. After you leave college or university, it’s easy to drift apart from your coursemates because you don’t see them every day.

To keep in contact with all your closest college friends, it does take some effort, especially if you all live in different areas of the country. However, there are lots of simple things that you can do to make keeping in touch easier.


If you want to ensure that the bond you have with your college friends stays intact for years to come, here are some ideas that should help:

Chat as much as possible

Just like you would chat about random stuff while at college, you can still do the same. By regularly talking to your college friends, you can keep your friendship fresh. If you go months at a time without talking to each other, the chances are that things will be weird when you eventually do chat. If you want to keep your friendship in good shape, make sure to talk to each of your college friends regularly.

Okay, so you may not be able to speak to each other face to face, well not unless you live near to each other. But you can chat via messaging apps, like Whatsapp and Viber – both of these allow you to create group messages.

Go for day trips

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A few times a year, arrange a group day trip. This should ideally be to somewhere that is within an equal distance of where each person lives so that it’s doable to get there for everyone. If you all live too far from each other to go on a day trip, you could always make a weekend of it instead.

This could be a trip to London sightseeing, a day at a theme park – you can get some great deals on theme park tickets if you book early, or just a day of shopping. It doesn’t matter what you choose to do, just as long as you get to spend some time together.

Send each other cute presents in the post

Every so often, why not surprise your friends with cute little presents in the post. This doesn’t have to be anything big, just a little something that you saw and knew that they would like. Maybe a cute keyring, an amazing new nail polish, or even some fancy truffles that you tried and knew they would love.

Showing your friends that you are thinking about them even when you’re apart is a great way to ensure that your friendship lasts for years. If you can’t afford to send a present, a note or postcard is also a great idea.

It might not be as easy to keep in touch with your friends when you finish college, but it is still possible. Take note of my tips and ideas above, and you can ensure that your college friendships last for years.

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