How to Create a Luxury Spa Experience at Home

Taking a long hot shower after an exhausting day is one of the best feelings in the world and something that can bring you back to life in a matter of minutes. This can only be matched by a day at a spa and a professional pampering performed by an experienced masseuse. While you probably can’t afford this every day, what if you could do something similar and combine these two ideas into one? Having a proper spa experience at your home is just the thing you need at the end of a stressful and wearing week, so here are a few ways to create a luxury spa experience inside your own living space.

Find the time

The biggest problem with having a home spa experience is the time – some of us can’t find a spare hour for spiritual and physical healing, while the others don’t know how to make the most of it. That’s why designating a specific time for this might be the way to go, no matter how strange it seems. Working extra hard all week long means you’ll have time for spa during the weekend, but if this doesn’t seem to be working, try at least to find some time at the end of each day for a quick spa experience. Just a half an hour will be quite enough and help you sleep better all night long.

Put your feet up

Another important segment of a luxury spa experience is taking care of yourself and what most people do is focus on their hands and feet. Although daily pedicures and manicures are expensive, you can surely afford them every once in a while without spending a ton of money. Doing this on your own could be quite tricky at first – especially with manicures – but you can learn and perfect your skills over time. Alternatively, ask someone to do it for you and thus get a chance to spend some quality time with your spouse, sister or friend. In the end, you can take things to another level by purchasing a foot spa massager that will help you relax all the way.

A new bathtub

You can’t have a proper spa experience without a huge tub, can you? Luckily, there are lots and lots of models on the market at the moment and you can choose between various sizes, shapes, prices and even colours. If you want to ensure maximum coziness and pleasure, pick a large freestanding tub that’s not just comfortable, but also visually quite appealing. It will instantly turn your bathroom into the focal point of the entire home. In the end, keep safety in mind, too, and check the plumbing and installations in your bathroom before you start installing the tub. This is something you can do alone, but contacting a reliable and experienced plumber might be a better idea, just to make sure everything’s all right.

Set the mood

In order to enjoy your improvised spa, you need to set the tone and create the right atmosphere. There are multiple ways to do so and all you have to do is try a few out before finding the one that suits you the most. What most people seem to prefer are scented candles that have a positive effect on your body, mind and soul, so give some of them – lavender, vanilla and mint are among the most popular scents – a shot. To spice things up a bit more, introduce some soothing music to your bathroom, but don’t overthink this – turning on the radio or playing music from your phone will do the trick and help you relax even more.

Save time

After your spa experience, it’s perfect time for a meal and a glass of wine. However, since cooking a big dinner takes hours, you should prepare everything ahead and put it in the oven before heading to your spa-like bathroom, so it’s all ready for you as soon as you’re done. If that’s not your cup of tea or you just don’t like cooking, order some of your favourite food in. Not having to cook will additionally distress you and give you an opportunity to spend more time relaxing.


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