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If you have an ipad and use it as much as I do, then you really do need a domeo cover. They are brilliant! Did you know that 8 out of 10 people use their ipad in bed or on the couch?

In this house, 4 out of 4 people do! Mr’s 18, 11 and 8 use the two ipads in our house a lot. Usually for playing minecraft and videos, so the boys need a stable, comfortable surface to lean against. This is where the tri lounge cushion comes in very handy! The boys used it in the car recently, to watch movies, on a long car trip to their grandparent’s house (three hour drive).

20130929_192444 Mr 8 has starting using an ipad for school, so he has homework to do on it now. So the tri lounge helps him keep the ipad in one place and comfortably in front of him while he does his work. The best thing is that the ipad can be put into the middle of the tri lounge and it won’t get broken (which if you have three boys in the house is a high probability!).

Mr 18 uses his ipad for music, his love of photography, social media, reading and gaming. He loves the tri lounge as he can do all these things comfortably in bed. 20130930_153111

Then, there is me. Emails, working, reading books or magazines, watching movies, I use my iPad A LOT usually in bed or on the couch. I needed an effective way to hold my iPad in place while using it, especially while watching The Newsroom streamed from the US (fantastic show from the writer of The West Wing, Aaron Sorkin. Love it.).

The domeo tri- lounge offers comfy viewing pleasure by its unique shape. No more tired arms or cramping legs while holding the ipad! An ergonomic, triangle shaped, foam filled but sturdy iPad holder, the domeo Tri-lounge has the ability to use your ipad in landscape or portrait mode. It looks good too.

The domeo tri lounge has a conveniently placed pocket on the side for storing cords and earphones when not in use. And, as mentioned before, it has a pouch to store your ipad! How clever is that?

The domeo tri lounge is available from selected Harvey Norman and Domayne stores nationwide as well as other quality online retailers.  The Office Nerd is selling the tri lounge for a great price of $62.36! The tri lounge’s RRP is $79.99. http://www.theofficenerd.com.au/categories/tablet-accessories.html

Domeo and Mummy of Style and Substance are giving 7 lucky readers a chance to win a domeo tri lounge for themselves. Entries for Australian residents only.  Entries close at midnight 18/10/13.

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  • Debbie Mowatt

    When I manage to prise it from my kids hands, I like to play games on it due to tue bigger screen than my iphone

  • Cathy Stone

    My favourite thing to do on my Ipad is take crisp, clear photo’s that capture our every day life,
    from whether it is a flower blooming in the garden, to a beautiful birthday party surprise.
    It’s great it’s at my fingertips to seize the moment, have the opportunity to use,
    creating lifetime memories that we can always look over, and cherish for life too.

  • Nadine

    I do everything on my ipad – it’s an extension of me! 🙂

  • Yanti Ryder

    Searching, watching …watching… and playing games:)

  • Michelle Harrison

    update my status on facebook

  • Eliza G

    Killing time on the bus… catching up on episodes, using study apps or playing games!

  • Mick G

    Keep my calander up to date and with the titilations I add stylish as well

  • Amanda

    I love to play games on my iPad and enter competitions

  • Rebecca Hansen

    As a student photographer I use my ipad to attend live stream correspondence lessons. I use it for research and for checking the quality of my images posted to the web. Also as a mother if 5 my iPad is often a hub for social interaction that I ordinarily would be missing out on.

  • Sarri Looyen

    I love lying down on my lounge and going to my favourite websites reading the latest blogs and lifestyle articles.

  • Tabitha

    I love reading and accessing recipes in the kitchen on my Ipad 🙂

  • Irena

    Checking out the educational apps with my kids!

  • Tanene

    I like to browse through recipes finding delicious looking treats to bake.

  • Diana O

    Play games, they’re addictive!

  • Di

    Find new recipes, then make them. So easy with the iPad, no need to write them out or print them. Just bookmark and you’re ready to go.

  • kerry santillo

    Everything!!! Facebook, twitter, gaming. Would be great to have a holder, thankyou 🙂

  • Jennifer B.

    I love talking to my family in London on Skype!… So much better than the slow old days of letter-writing! 😀

  • antonietta patane

    Spend time playing games with my kids

  • Maddie

    I love talking to my friends on Facebook and Skype and catch uo on the gossip.

  • Helga Grenkowitz

    Using a domeo tri lounge with your iPad would make relaxing while browsing the Internet of chatting on social networks a more pleasant experience.

  • Jasmine Stanford

    I love playing angry birds and reading my emails. So I use it for both business and pleasure

  • Jess

    I love watching movies, reading blogs and using interest.

  • Narelle Rock

    I love playing Tetris, could sit there for hours and try to beat the top score!

  • Mel

    It drives me nuts when I’m playing games when the screen flips down cause I’ve lent too far forward, I NEED THIS!!!!

  • Sara H

    When I can steal it away from my kids I love the games too!

  • Jessica

    I have never used an Ipad, I would love to try it

  • Karlene

    Log in to my bank account and check my balance, the day after pay day. LOL

  • Tahlia

    I love just relaxing on the lounge playing games on my iPad simple as that 🙂

  • Wendy Daniels

    I do LOTS of things, work, BLOG, SHOP, read my Kresley COLE books and Enter comps from Mummy of Style and Substance

  • Edie

    On the iPad I love to read the news… With three little kids, it’s great to be able to pick up the iPad and catch up on things, even if there’s only a few minutes to spare. It’s made it much easier to stay connected to the world, while still immersed in the Mummy bubble!

  • Julia Mason

    I absolutely love to play games relaxed on the couch, so fun and comfy!

  • Gabrielle C

    Skyping my family – we live all over Australia and its so good to see them whenever I want. We all go for walks in the garden to show each other what we’ve been growing

  • Ginny

    At the risk of appearing to have the worst bed manners ever… my ultimate favourite thing to do is watch TV on my iPad which sometimes keeps me up for hours when the series is at its climatic point! Terrible I know but it’s my guilty pleasure 😛

  • Ann H

    Um its really hard to just choose one but at the moment I’m organising a holiday for the family so thats got me hooked.

  • Charlotte

    I love love love using my iPad for youtube – while I’m cooking or washing up, I can be entertained on the go! It’s also great for pulling up recipes or quick ingredient substitute searches while cooking 🙂
    they’re such versatile things, I use mine for everything! thanks for the chance x

  • sapna

    Watch rhymes with my one year old son in the comfort of our bed…

  • Michelle van Schouwen

    A bit like a man with a remote control, I like to jump around to lots of different apps on the ipad including Facebook, MOG and Kindle for ipad. I mostly use the ipad for leisure rather than work and often use it in bed.

  • Fiona

    Love going on pinterest when the kids go to bed relaxed in-front of the TV!

  • Jess

    I love reading my favourite blogs and lifestyle pages.

  • Sonia El-Sheikh

    I don’t have an ipad but i know i would love to fo some online shopping 🙂

  • Catrina Murray

    Catch up on my favourite TV shows

  • eamond tomaszewski

    Play Monopoly with the family

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