A Mummy Must Have. Win Nivea Products.


You know when you come across a product and just go “WOW!”? This would be me about the new Nivea in shower moisturiser.

Yes, a moisturiser you put on in the shower. Seriously!  You wash with your normal shower wash, rinse that off. Step away from the water, smooth on the Nivea in shower moisturiser and rinse it off. Yes, you rinse it off!

Step out of the shower, pat yourself dry and you are done. No need to use a separate moisturiser. Amazing, yes?



I have been trailing the Nivea in shower moisturiser for the last month and I must say after harsh Melbourne climate (hot, cold, wind, heating) my skin was like a snake’s skin….. really not a good look!


Sorry if that image made you sick, I should have put a warning before it or something.

Anyhoo, the Nivea In Shower Moisturiser has made such a huge difference to my skin. It’s now silky smooth without any dryness at all. Yay! It is also glowing, although that might be the reflection from my overly white legs. Nivea In Shower Moisturiser definitely makes spring/summer preparation easier! Also, a great way to prep your skin for fake tan!

Speaking of Spring and Summer preparation, Mummy of Style and Substance and Nivea are giving away 3 x packs  containing:

1 x NIVEA In-Shower Body Lotion RRP $7.99
1 x NIVEA In-Shower Rich Body Lotion RRP $7.99
1 x NIVEA Lip Butter Unscented RRP $5.19
1 x NIVEA SUN Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF50+ RRP $17.99
1 x NIVEA Stress Protect Deodorant Roll-On RRP $3.78
Total value – $42.94 per pack

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  • Noelene

    I love dresses In spring summer and my legs are out .i love the smell of the shower wash it’s Devine .

    • Judy

      Letting my legs soak up some sunshine wearing dresses and skirts every day!

  • Meagan cooper

    I love the lighter sunny afternoons and the spring racing season getting all pampered using my Nivea stash…

  • Tracy Boulter

    I love the warmer nights, having friends over for BBQs and dining alfresco.

  • Karen L

    Long days/daylight savings! I love i!!! 🙂

  • Kylie M

    The beautiful night breeze, long walks on the beach 🙂

  • Kim

    I love the weather and that we can go on picnics and trips to the park. Qld in spring and summer is beautiful!

  • Narelle Rock

    I love that it’s warm but not too hot to get out there and enjoy the day outdoors with the family.

  • SJ Goesch

    Daylight saving. More time to spend with the family in outside, everyone seems more relaxed.

  • Nadine

    I love the longer days, the warmer nights and the gorgeous smell of fresh spring flowers!

  • Bennie

    Wearing less layers and spending more time outside. Seeing my son’s body, legs and arms in cute summer outfits and no longer covered up but pants and jumpers.

    More outdoor playing, no more soups for dinner, salads and grills yum. More daylight.

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    I Love the it means more time to do Things as a Family with the Better Weather comes Family Adventures.

  • Sandi Giles

    The brilliant rays the sun provides in summer & sun showers in spring. Beaches, parks, rivers galore, right outside my front door 🙂

  • Trang

    Being able to stay outside more and not coop up at home

  • Lisa

    I love the warmth and fresh fruit and salads. Warm nights and outdoor entertaining.

  • samantha

    summer is here and I need all the help I can get after winter.

  • jennifer williams

    I hate cold weather. Being 61 with arthritis, the cold weather plays hell on the old bones, so about 30 degrees is good for me, sun, warmth and of course my grandkids, perfect weather

  • Nikki Cashion

    The beach with my dog and grandchild is my favorite thing for sure and BBQ with friends and family

  • Eliza G

    Not needing to slather on my Body Shop body butter… it smells divine, but leaves my skin slightly oily for hours afterwards. Summer’s all about light moisturisers and natural sunlight to keep your skin healthy.

  • April ILDC

    I love going to the beach and having summer dates with my husband.

  • Cecilia

    Going to the beach… and pretty skirts/dresses! 🙂

  • anne mcclurkin

    I can leave doors and windows wide open and let in the fresh air and not have to rug up in bulky cloths to keep warm.

  • Natalie Tomczyk

    I love the fact that you can start wearing more colourful outfits again! Not that you can’t in Autumn or Winter, but there’s nothing like dressing up in pretty pastel shades to make you feel happy and alive!
    I also love that all the Summer fruits start to show-up in stores again! I can’t wait for mango season!

  • Nicole

    I love the smell of sun kissed skin mixed with the scent of the beach. Oh and the sight of hubby mowing the lawn. Thank you warmer months

  • kim johnson

    sun sand surf Pretty Dresses friends life really !!!

  • Helen Bevis

    Being able to shower and not freeze.Long walks on the beach and swimming in our beautiful oceans.Everyone seems alot happier

  • Srah

    i love geting my pre summer tan on! Everything looks better when your a little bit more tan.

  • Juliya

    Sun, warmth, fashion is best in summer and autumn.

  • Amanda Gorton

    The colourful summer fashion – it is such a refreshing change from winters dark shades

  • marie

    Spending time with the kids on a summer holiday is the best. I don’t need to rush in the morning to wake up and get them ready for school!

  • Hui

    My fave thing about summer – wearing floaty light fabrics again and thongs! I hate thick winter layers and thicker fabrics

  • Julia Yakunina

    The smell is just divine! For my skin is just a rescue! It’s a miracle, which should be every girl! In summer, the skin is very dry and this Lotion my rescue! Summer is over and the need to moisturize the skin, and with Nivea so easy! Now we need to think about how to prepare your skin for tanning and Imitative already find a solution!I love Nivea, this is my indispensable assistant anywhere, anytime!

  • Tanya E

    I live in the wet tropics and love the rain. Everything is so green and fresh looking and the garden grows like crazy.

  • Kapriana

    Beach, beach, and nothing but the beach, I love summer!!!

  • Sai

    Its fast and easy and Nivea is great for your skin. It will be ready for summer after being deeply moisturised. You will have glowing skin in matter of weeks. Thanks Nivea for a in shower solution

  • Joanne

    Spring means opening all the windows and letting the beautiful floral fragrances in!

  • Liv Hallerman

    Filling my home with the fragrant seasonal flowers of Spring and summer!

  • Gopika

    Because Love to see kids playing near the beaches and enjoying in water and having ice-cream.

  • Sandra

    The blossoms and the smell they give off when you go outside.

  • Jessica munt

    hope I win this my skin sooooooo dry!!

  • Melinda Anderson

    I love the warmer (but not too hot) weather, daylight savings, beautiful fresh feel to a pretty and new season – Spring is my favorite time of year. Family catch ups under the pergola with a BBQ, kids playing in the yard and having fun – I LOVE SPRING!!
    I love Nivea products too – fabulous 😉

  • Kristy Coles

    Been able to walk around in my sandals and for walk and walk along the beach

  • Judith Martin

    I love all the fresh fruits and vegies, lazy days on picnics with great food, wine and friends

  • Michelle

    I’ve also tried the Nivea in shower moisturiser! I thought my skin will feel a bit tight after not using my regular moisturiser after my shower, but NOPE! It works! Another plus is that it smells nice too!

  • Catrina Murray

    Sunshine and eating outdoors!

  • Margaret Gibb

    Love the warm weather great food lots of out door activities catching up with family and friends

  • claire

    Summer is the perfect season of the year for me! i”m thinking of bikini, flipflops, Sunhat, sunscreen and a suntann! And of course before i suntann, i need to apply my nivea sunscreen for protection! I love summer! 😀

  • Lena

    My favourite thing about summer is getting time off work over christmas to spend with my family <3


    eating icypoles with the kids barefoot on the grass

  • Karen

    Sitting outside on a hot day slurping watermelon!

  • Karlene

    Wearing a dress every day…not layer upon layer

  • Kyra

    i love when its not too hot, my hubby and i can take our son to play outside and enjoy the beautiful nature

  • Fiona

    Late afternoon walks on the beach!

  • Jess Duffy

    Wearing shorts and dresses. So much easier to get dressed!

  • Kelly Walter

    two things, seeing all the flowers in bloom and getting my vegetable garden ready. And summertime getting out the bbq!!!

  • Cathy Stone

    My favorite thing about spring and summer is that it is two such motivating seasons in time, because of the beautiful sunny days and balmy nights you have.
    The buds have evolved blooming new flowers for all to see and enjoy,
    The birds are humming and singing a tune, spring is here for all to view.
    It spurs you on that it’s time for a spring clean, to get rid of the cobwebs and junk
    The gorgeous summery weather encourages you to exercise more,
    lose those winter kilo’s once and for all,
    so then you will be ready for summer when all the parties start,
    celebrate christmas with your family and always have a blast.

  • Nicole Passalaqua

    My favorite things in spring is the blom of flowers, and summer the sea air..

  • Lillian

    I love when the summer and spring days are not too hot – taking strolls along the beach is a perfect way to de-sress myself. Plus, I’m becoming more confident and comfortable wearing shorts and short-sleeve tops, so it just feels refreshing to go out in casual wear. 🙂

  • olivia

    The Flowers & watching the garden burst to life.

  • Diana O

    Wearing next to nothing!!! Love it 🙂

  • Mara

    The sun and developing sun kiss skin while still moisturising.

  • Sue Bou

    I love Spring, because it means Summer is on the way :). Brighter colours, longer sunshine hours and less clothes 🙂

  • Mick G

    Crisp fresh mornings and the air filled by a myriad of sweet scents wafting from flowers of every description

  • AmberB

    Hot summer sun and cocktails 🙂

  • Sarah Kennedy

    I love Spring and Summer as it’s warm enough to take my two adorable young sons swimming and enjoy all the beautiful beaches and creeks around here.

  • Brenda Kapsley

    family time getting to go out great places having picnic seeing the scenery outdoors with the family

  • Sarri Looyen

    Wearing gorgeous dresses to show off my legs and they’re looking a little dry so I’ll be picking up some more Nivea products to help with that!

  • Zoe Ryan

    Sprinklers and water guns, outside play with the kids, and getting bubbas chubby arms out in dresses to show them off!

  • Benjamin T.

    I love the sounds and smells; crickets, birds, kids playing.

  • Tabitha

    Planting my vegie garden, watching it all grow and spending time with friends and family in the sun 🙂

  • Rachel Kriss-Newell

    The end of thick layers of clothing, chilblains on my toes, continual colds, no more rugby union games and travelling around the countryside. Arrival of sunshine, thriving blossoms and busy bees in motion.

  • Ginny

    high tea in the gardens with family and friends enjoying the sun on our backs and the warm breeze, perfect for Spring’s more tolerable temperatures!

  • Charlotte

    Windows open, gentle breeze
    Sunlight streams, birds & bees.
    Colourful flowers, long soft grass,
    And best of all – Winter’s passed!

  • Jennifer B.

    Eaten neat dribbling over the sink,
    Or pureed with ice, smooth mango drinks.
    100% goodness, zero detrimental…
    I love Spring and Summer’s MANGOES! Delicious! (Fundamental!)

  • Natalie

    Love feeling the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair without being cold!

  • Christine

    I love summer fashion and getting outside more often than in the cold.

  • Georgie Van Der Staay

    My favourite thing about spring and summer is the sun and beautiful warm days where I can take my puppy for walks and on tripa to the beach

  • Jasmine Stanford

    The weather getting mice enough again so we can picnic in the grass

  • Mel

    Short skirts and balmy summer nights!

  • Bronwyn

    I love cotton dresses and drying the washing in 5 minutes!

  • Kerrie Moss

    Getting warm here in the North,
    The mangoes are beginning to ripen,
    And so that means henceforth,
    My drool off the floor I’ll be wipin’

  • Katrina Corbett

    Chatting with my husband out on our deck on a warm night.

  • Sharon

    BBQs, washing can dry naturally, dogs aren’t soggy, less layers of clothing, birds singing, flowers blooming and iced tea!!!!!

  • Helen J

    The scent of Jasmine from my night garden.

  • Ellen

    I love being able to get a bit of colour to my pale skin again as well as getting outside more

  • H M

    I love the warmth and flowy dresses and swimming. Too much sun and water- need a good moisturiser!

  • Michelle V

    I love that I get to indulge in beautiful summer fruits, and long summer nights. More time outdoors with the family is always a great thing!

  • Jenny

    I love Spring because that was when I was brought into this world, Earth! I also love summer because not only do I don’t have school, but I get to meet my cousins who live quite a fair amount away from where I live more often.

  • Wendy Hatton

    Light-weight colourful clothing and balmy evenings.

  • Catherine

    I love being able to get outside, the kids can play, I can garden.
    Actually one of my highlights would have to be that we can eat outside and there are much less crumbs inside – Less Cleaning!

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