Make the Most of Your Summer At Home With These Cool Ideas

In the height of summer, all you want to do is lay back and enjoy the outdoors. Are you are thinking of improving your home this summer? Perhaps you are thinking about how to integrate your outdoor space into the rest of your living area. Being able to step out into your outdoor room helps to make the most of those warm summer days.

Many people use big sliding or tri-fold patio doors. They span the width of the room, acting like a glass wall. This helps bring the outdoors in. And it allows an almost seamless connection to your garden room. Sitting indoors with a glass wall, provides a fabulous view of the outside, almost as if you were in the garden. Add a patio or decking area, and it can feel like you have extended your living area outward.


Of course, there are some summer days when it is just too hot to be outside. Even the shady areas can be stifling. If you have air conditioning in your home, you can still feel comfortable in the summer. It provides just the cool breeze you are looking for. It will also regulate the temperature in your home. It saves you having to run around opening windows.

Air conditioning also provides you with security. You can keep your windows and doors locked shut and still be cool on the hottest nights. If yours hasn’t been serviced recently, you should find your local ac repair centre and have it done. It will then run more efficiently and are less likely to break down when you need them most.

Summer is also a good time to think about refreshing the decor. Perhaps you are redesigning the layout of the room to maximize your garden view? You may already have changed your window dressings to adjust for the extra light and sun. With the extra warmth and dry air, you could also repaint the walls and woodwork. If you haven’t done it in a while, you might want to prep the walls with a sander first. This is hot work even in winter, so use a power sander for a finer finish.

Leather sofas can feel sticky on a hot day. Use a lightweight cotton throw to feel more comfortable. This season’s colours are very summery in yellows and pale blues. If you have cushions, you could look at replacing the covers to match. For wall art, try something more abstract this season. Look to designs with blocks of colour in this season’s palette.

With lots of cool drinks on the go, you may also be thinking about a new coffee table. There are some lovely contemporary designs. They are ideal if you are thinking of moving away from wooden furniture. A glass top would look lovely and bright this summer too.

You can make the most of the summer with a few decor refreshers. Even on the laziest of days there are some simple changes you can make. You can make the most of the summer indoors and out. Why not install effective air conditioning and glass patio doors? Enjoying the hot weather and staying cool needn’t be difficult this summer.


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