Is your makeup ageing you?



We all know wearing too much make up is a no no, yes? Did you know that as we age makeup can also make us look older too? Is your makeup ageing you?

The biggest mistake older women tend to make is when fine lines settle in and sun spots multiply, many women reach for foundation and concealer, layering it on like it’s going out of style. Unfortunately, instead of hiding imperfections, the more-is-better strategy brings attention to them. Excess product has nowhere to go but to settle into creases, which exaggerates wrinkles, and thick layers piled on top of each other create a dated, mask like complexion. A prime example of this is, is the picture below of Kim Kardashian. Kim has so much make up on when she has laughed or used her face muscles the make up has creased, causing wrinkle she doesn’t have!


A clever way to cover blemishes, age spots and wrinkles is to use a CC cream. We love Olay’s CC cream (I am wearing it in the picture above). It gives a moisturised healthy glow without the build up of foundation.

Olay Regenerist’s Complexion Corrector Cream is the first CC of its kind to blend three powerful formulas: an energising serum, which acts as a cocktail of bioactive ingredients to boost skin’s own ability to protect and renew; a sheer foundation, which contains Ultra-Fine Aqua-Pigments that work to correct tone and texture concerns; and an SPF15 moisturiser, which hydrates to plump skin cells and quickly reduces the appearance of uneven texture and wrinkles.

The video below from Olay, explains more about how not to look older than you are:

Another way make up can make us look older is too much eye make up especially eye liner. Black eyeliner thickly drawn along the inner eye doesn’t do anyone any favours. The best way to wear eyeliner is to stick to your lash line, not your inner eye rim. Like Pammie below, you might give yourself a fright when you see your reflection.


Another big no no…. either drawing on your eyebrows or filling them in with a black brow pencil. Much better to use brown (light or dark, depending on your hair colour) to fill in sparse brows or get them professionally tinted.

Too much blush or bronzer is also a problem. As is matt and frosted lipsticks.


Poor Brooke has all of the no no’s going on in the above picture.

What do you think are no go zones with make up as you get older?

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