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estate outlook

When I was looking for my house three years ago, I admit I was quite fussy and had a list of things my ideal house had to have.  This included: at least four bedrooms, a decent kitchen, two living areas, good heating, air conditioning and two toilets (basic necessity when you have three boys, I won’t go into specifics.. yuk!).

I was quite lucky to have  found a brand new house in my price range with everything I wanted plus more. It has cream walls with white doors and cornices I love, nice garden, rural outlook (which is amazing in Spring with the canola blossoming as far as you can see (above)).


 We have access to the country club, which consists of tennis courts, a gym, pool (below). I’m twenty minutes to half an hour from the city (not in peak hour, obviously, but I rarely need to go into the city during those times). I’m in the middle of two popular beaches, each are fifteen minutes away. Our house is also close to shopping and cafes, which is essential for my regular coffee hit.

moorakyle pool

As you can tell from what I have written, I really do love where we live but it probably isn’t to everyone’s cup of tea. Some prefer inner city, close to shops and cafes, others would prefer a beach side suburb.

Everyone has an opinion about why they chose to live where they do and the type of property they want. have done some research to find out the differences between Melburnians and Sydneysiders and what they looked for in a property and suburb features and developed an infographic. It was really interesting to see the differences! provides more than just listings to potential buyers, it also has an entire advice centre and blog with lots of useful information.

Thanks to, Mummy of Style and Substance are giving away a $100 Masters Home Improvement voucher for you to do some updating of your home or garden.

All you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter widget below to enter. Giveaway closes midnight, Friday the 17th January, 2014.

Australian Residents only. Winners will be contacted via emailed.

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  • mellie jane

    Sun damage i have very sun sensitive skin so i try to keep covered as much as possible.

    • Evan

      Relaxing and quiet yet still close enough to everything!

  • ariane bowie

    Getting more skin cancers, I am currently having treatment for 8 and I hope they go away

  • Deborah Bolam

    this masters gift card would be great would buy some new plants for the garden

  • Lisa Barton-Collins

    I love the beaches, wide footpaths, flat terrain, and proximity to the city and major shopping centers. Mostly I love where I live because it’s where my family is 🙂

  • Catherine

    I love the space! We moved from a very tiny home where we were all living on top of each other to a lovely home with much more living space, and everyone is happier!

  • Karen L

    The fact that we have a view and are on a double block so we’re not crowded in. There is heaps of room for the kids to play and we always have a breeze on the back landing no matter how hot it is. 🙂

  • Noelene

    I love my house just hate cleaning it the kids keep messing it up .Love the space near work ,near beach and kids schools

  • claire Thrower

    we are currently renovating our home slowly, love masters has everything this voucher would help us buy some pool fencing we need to finish it.

  • Ross S

    I love being able to walk everywhere.

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    I love how many beautiful Parks we have in our area to keep my Children entertained and outdoors.

  • Karlene

    We’re 16klms to the CBD with one foot in the country on 2.5 acres.

  • emmabovary

    We’ve only just moved a few months ago, and chose the area for the beautiful parks and the lake that sits right near our home. The local café makes a killer flat white too, which always helps ;P

  • S Armstrong

    The beautiful sunset view. I love that it is secluded and quiet.

  • Benjamin Travia

    It’s very green; there is an abundance of trees and plants which give the neighbourhood a relaxed and breezy atmosphere.

  • Nicola James

    I look over paddocks, and have mountains on the horizon – glorious!

  • Bradley Murray

    Coomera has a bad crime rate but it is far from second rate. Its a family town and I dont think I will ever leave

  • johanna rees

    We’re rural, on a working farm, yet still only half an hour to the city, half an hour to the beaches, yet, I can get on a horse and ride for miles in the bush with out ever seeing anyone accept a few wallabies, maybe a koala, and lots of lovely bird life.

  • Tracy Boulter

    I love living near the beach with the added benefit of being in a country town for those old fashioned values.

  • rebecca

    I love yellow flowers so I’d be content living here!

  • chris

    I love having the best of both worlds! I am 30 minutes to the city and live in a rural are in a small pocket of lovely community members. I do miss the beachside, but have learnt to the love the serenity of the rural area.

  • Heather

    Birds! I am lucky to live in an area where birds abound. It gives me great pleasure to hear their songs all through the day.

  • Bec @ The Plumbette

    I love where we live because it’s only 10 minutes from my parents which means an easy babysitting service to get to. We have easy access to highways to get to the city, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast and Ipswich… if we so desire. I also love that our house has 2 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, a double garage and room for our family to grow into.

  • Ben

    No matter where we end up, we manage to plant a garden and grow tomatoes.

  • Linda Hynson

    Love the water features in the parks:-)

  • julie ford

    I live in the country and I love the fact its a small town and everyone knows eachother

  • Debbie O'Donnell

    Southport keeps getting better and better we have all the fun for the kids on the broadwater and the rebuilt of the olympic pool just looking awesome.

  • Sonya

    Our house backs onto a park so we have a great place to exercise!

  • Narelle Rock

    I love that I am within walking distance of everything I need, the park, the shops, banks and schools, can save money by leaving the car at home!

  • Courtney Brideson

    I love that I’m walking distance from the shops, public transport, schools and close to my family.

  • Courtney Dettman

    Thanks for the chance. Good luck everyone.

  • kerrie

    The people that live in my street, everyone is friendly and helpful. Always looking out for each other.

  • kerrie

    The people that live in my street, everyone is friendly and helpful. Always looking out for each other.

  • tracy wedding

    waking up each day to the sound of the birds in the trees and we have a lot

  • terry wedding

    i love the peace and quiet

  • kimberley Headford

    I love the central location of it and outdoors lifestyle it offers, beach, bike track, sports and the wetlands.

  • Amanda

    I love the big sky and views to the hills.

  • VandaB

    We’re currently building so this would be mighty helpful!

  • VandaB

    We live close to work, the beach, shops and cafe’s. Perfect lifestyle!

  • AmberB

    The amount of cupboard storage. I am a bit of a neat-freak, so being able to have a place for everything helps to keep me organised and much less stressed.
    I also love being within walking distance of both my work and the local supermarket. It means that I can get my daily exercise while getting jobs done.

  • Erica Vince

    Where we live is close to public transport, the local shopping centre is only 5 minutes away and out son’s school is only 10 minutes away. But the best thing about where I live is that it’s a quiet neighbourhood with lovely people as neighbours.

  • sharron smith

    friend advised me of your site i am enjoying very helpful wow thanks for competition

  • christina

    Love the access to shops and that everything is on your doorstep, every face is familiar and its my hometown where I grew up

  • laura powers

    Loads of kangaroos at our place and loads of other wildlife nice and peaceful

  • Lesleigh S

    I love the position of where I live. Close to town and just across from a lovely park.

  • Melissa Krohn

    I love that the beach is a hop skip and jump from my place 🙂

  • Jodie taylor

    I love that we can see the sunset and are not in a crowded busy area

  • JocelynR

    I love living close to the beach and I love my awesome neighbours.

  • Louise

    I love that we live at the end of a cul de sac with only one next door neighbour and surrounded by bush it’s beautiful and quiet

  • jacinta hamill

    I love that housing is still affordable and we are so close to the river and great dining.

  • Cheryl Moulton

    I originate from SA, and now live in Melbournes’ outer suburbs, Melbourne is an amazing City, very cosmopolitan, with amazing nightlife, consisting of fine restaurants, cocktail bars, first class theatre shows and so much more. I also love the Village I live in, I always have a friend around when I need one, there is security, an enormous sense of community and easy living

  • christine williams

    Two minutes from both of our offices, 2 km’s from the train station, 2 minutes from the beach. But the thing I love the most is that I live with 5 of the most awesome people. Where ever they are, I feel at home.

  • Falon Downing

    I love that it’s NEVER cold!

  • Jessica Blundell

    I love not having neighbours across the road. Being able to sit outside and enjoy the view instead of looking at a bunch of rooftops

  • Katrina Phillips

    Living on a farm, there’s never a dull moment.

  • christine morris

    I love where i live, my neighbours keep an eye out for each other especially the elderly, we help each other out by doing the shopping or some gardening, i have learn’t a lot from my Neighbours we all come from different backgrounds. i either walk or catch the bus, close to the shops and 15 minutes from the Beach, there are lots of Parks as well.:)

  • Lucy M

    A hint of salt in the air,
    Ocean breeze in my hair!
    Beach side location
    Makes my suburb like a permanent vacation!

  • Karen Freeman

    Being Canberra, I can’t say I love the weather but I love the house I live in, we have fantastic parks and cycleways and I live close to Masters.

  • Sharee

    I love the cool breeze that comes up through the valley on a hot summer night

  • Caro Shanks

    I love the area, close to beaches, perfect river for boating & fishing, Fraser Island is close at hand, as is Brisbane, plenty of flat areas for great walks, bush and rainforest all in one handy, dandy lil spot. The Sunshine Coast is just amazing.

  • celine

    I love all the lovely parks nearby and the fact there are so many nice families

  • Sarah T

    I love that we are so close to a lovely lake where I take long walks with my son.

  • Alicia

    Far enough away from the city to escape the rat race but close enough for quick commuting

  • Emily Keller

    I love that I live in a country where it is safe to leave windows open at night time.

  • Jodie

    Walking distance to the beach, community spirit, and everything we could ever need and then some. But shhh we don’t want everyone knowing about our paradise.

  • Kristina S

    It has everything beautiful parks, beaches & people. Close to family & friends

  • Chloe

    Nothing compares to living close to the beach – I love the feel of sand between my toes!

  • Pauline Stewart

    Living close to the mighty Murray I love the abundant bird life in our area

  • Kristy

    I Love The Serenity Of Living In Australias OutBack. The Town I Live In Only Became Available On The Map In The Last Few Years So We Don’t Have To Worry About Seeing Lots Of People All The Time So Its Good To Beable To Go To The City When You Like But You Can Always Go Home To Peace And Quiet…

  • Abby L

    I love the great parks for the kids!

  • Rebekah

    We live close to the city but we are far enough away that we can afford a house which isnt too crammed. The house is older style so it has character and a nice feel to it.

  • Natalie Stoute

    Love where I live! We are just 7km from the city and we live next to the gorgeous Swan River. Fabulous views, bike paths, a lake and playground across the road and plenty of open space for the kids. Our home could do with a little nip and tuck but I wouldn’t change where we live.

  • Kerryanne Bourke

    I love that we began our lives together in this house, which we have created into our home with our 2 loving children!

  • annette prout

    We live on the Gold Coast, do I need to say more except an amazing place to live

  • Laura Scriven

    The local gym – full of friendly faces and is our own little community.

  • Caroline Kelly

    Proximity to almost everything that my household needs: fitness centres, shopping, schools, public transportation, medical care and hospitals, hills, beaches and parks.

  • olivia

    LOVE masters, could fix so much around the house with this. thanks for the comp

  • Lady Tiffany

    Adelaide, close to the city and parkland surrounds…cosmopolitan suburb but natures still around…pretty and quirky with loads of great things to do…beaches, hillsides and churches too….

  • Lisa

    We built in an eco-sustainable, community focused estate. Much like your area, we have a pool, tennis court and clubhouse etc that all foster a sense of belonging to a community. This, married with the green profile of our area and the trees and parks, makes us feel very happy to live where we do.

  • Marcia Coventry

    We have the best neighbours in the world! Plus, I’m completely in love with my brand new kitchen, complete with the butcher block counters I’ve been dreaming of.

  • kelly

    I love that we still have plenty of trees and grassland around where we live, it is still suburban but has touches of the country which makes it seem less suffocating and built in, I do also love that we are only a short trip into a major city which makes getting services for my daughter a lot easier than if we lived somewhere more remote.

  • Rebecca Andrew

    I love the quiet, small town feeling that we have here, the beaches, parks, yet are so close by to shops and only an hour from the city

  • Rhonda M Phillips

    I love that we live a bit out from the city but still have everything we need around us.

  • Lisa G

    We have the best neighbours, something money can’t buy.

  • Russell

    I love the beautiful weather we (usually) have on the coast!

  • sam santillo

    I love that its quiet and friendly. Lots of parks and walkways and shops close by. I also like that my home is neither big nor small and the way its designed its nver break backing to keep clean 🙂

  • Rebekah Ballingall

    I love our area because of all the young families, allows the kids to have play days close to home

  • Diana O

    Everything, especially that we own it!! Bummer about the neighbours, can’t wait for their lease to be up & the pests to move on 🙂

  • Di

    It’s home, and home is where the heart is <3

  • Jennifer B.

    I have great public transport and shops within walking distance and the world’s BEST NEIGHBOURS!

  • Dawn Robinson

    I love living near the beach in a quiet street would . never leave
    A . masters gift card would help greatly 🙂

  • Melissa Jones

    My home is close to shops, schools. railway station. Very convenient location.

  • rebecca scarinci

    I love that its a little bit country but close enough to the city so I can catch up with my friends

  • Donna Dwyer

    I love living near the water and being able to walk to the local jetty each morning (10K round trip LOL) – give so much joy!!

  • Charisse Childs

    I love the privacy, and being able to walk with my dog through my vegie garden, fruit trees and collect eggs from my chickens. I’m outskirts of Brisbane but I feel like I’m on a farm. I love it!

  • susan banyard

    I love the friendly neighbours who are like family and the long summer days near the beach.

  • Annie

    All the gorgeous parks filled with flowers – and no gardening on my part!

  • alesha

    Love being within walking distance to shops & parks

  • carmen oliver

    i love where i live because im 300 metres away from my parents place – love being so close to them!

  • Margaret Pritchard

    I love the garden that I created. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction every morning as I wander through it.

  • kristy tripney

    I love where I live because if I didn’t, I would live elsewhere!

  • Nicole C

    The peace and serenity of a country town. Quiet and calming! Living my life the way i want to and travelling to the city for adventures!

  • Noleen B

    I love the peace and quiet, I love that there is no traffic. Everyone’s your mate…I love living in a small country town!

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    I’m 6 minutes away from work and the kids school, and the local shops are a 2 minute walk away. Perfect.

  • ann jelf

    love the peace around and great neighbours

  • doris

    I live on the Gold Coast need I say more?

  • Renee Annison

    central coast nsw is the best of both worlds from beaches to the bush.

  • Kate

    I live in Geelong and I love being spoilt for choice for primary and secondary schools for my kids! 🙂

  • Shelley P

    Its in the heart of the city but glorious Adelaide being what it is, it is also a stones throw away from the glorious parklands! The best of all worlds!

  • Sheridan Lenton

    I love living right near the beach, where there are lots of parks and some great shopping! It really can’t get much better

  • Amanda Gorham

    I love Sydney because all my family and friends are here. The beaches are clean and calm, the shops are well stoked, my house is where our children are growing up and creating memories. I can overlook the pollution, general public rudeness and traffic issues because it is my home! And as they say home is where the heart is!

    Thanks for the opportunity xxx

  • Amanda Kerr

    I live 5 minutes away from one of the biggest shopping centres in the state. Not so good for my wallet at times, but super convenient and I love it just the same 🙂

  • Nicole White

    W~onderful wines
    I~mbibe my soul
    E~nchanting Hunter Valley Wineries!

  • Cathy Stone

    I love that I live in a town, where the main street for shopping is only 5 minutes away.
    I don’t have to drive more than 5 minutes to get anywhere.
    I love that we live in a community where people look out for each other,
    my family and friends are only 5 minutes away for a coffee and chat.
    I love how my kids have opportunities even though we live in a smaller town,
    I love the beautiful landscape, waking up to the sound of birds chirping outside my window,
    the fact that we have the space to grow our own fruit and vegetables, have chooks and can get fresh eggs every day.
    I love that the cost of houses is so much cheaper and can have some space,
    love that we have time to smell the roses, have a relaxing life it’s great.

  • Christine

    Love that we live withing walking distance of a lake so we can go feed the ducks 🙂

  • Nicky

    I love the space & serenity, I love that we are totally private, I love that it feels as though we live on 1000 acres with no neighbours way out in the country, when in fact we are only 10 mins to town! Would not give it up for the world.

  • shannan sullivan

    We are very much central to everything from clubs to shopping centres and beaches

  • Jacky B

    Love that Moreton Bay is our backyard but we’re only 40 mins drive from Brisbane city, that we have great local facilities like a performing arts centre, library, art gallery, shops, lots of cafes, direct train line……I could go on and on.

  • Renee Ballantyne

    I love that we are near the beach, shops and there is plenty for the family to do

  • Bronwyn

    We live a 10 minute walk from both the local primary school and high school. You cannot believe the change in lifestyle when you don’t have to get into the car to take the kids to school!

  • KatrinaP

    We are on land. Lots of room for the kids to run around, but much maintenance to do. 🙁

  • Kylie Ofiu

    I love the space, location and view. We are walking distance to everything we need plus only 5kms from 3 of my siblings. We are on a big enough block so I can’t see or hear my neighbours easily but small enough for us to have still met and be friendly and my view is of the Brindabella Mountains. Breathtaking at sunset as my whole lounge room wall is windows. Love it.

  • Cyndie (@MSlimalicious)

    I like many things about where I live, including the fact that I am only 2km away from the office, so the daily commute is very short.

  • Michelle Gray

    I love that we have enough yard to grow vegetables, we are trying to teach our young kids the value of home-grown produce and sustainably. The more we grow the more they’ll know!

  • Di

    Country area, houses not jammed right against others ,wide street (can’t stand those awful narrow streets or mini blocks of land) we don’t feel like sardines in a tin, shops, school & local hospital, plenty of cafes, etc plus peace & quite

  • Kylie Bowers

    I LOVE going for walks with the kids to the park and catching up with the other mums all having a frendly chat!

  • Linda Clark

    We live half way between the city and the peninsula, both have everything I need and want. The perfect suburb for us.

  • Debra Marr

    I love my cosy beach side cottage, just two minutes walk to the beach, but like any home there is always something needs doing.
    A Master’s card would be quite a treat to tackle some work needed on the front garden area.

  • Amanda Gorton

    My area is a hive of activity. I love there is an abundant options of entertainment, leisure and community events always going on. It gives us the opportunity to get out and about involving myself and family in fulfilling activities.

  • leanne

    the tropical weather and the great barrier reef great fishing and swimming

  • Cheryl McKibbin

    laid back community and housing isnt jammed close together!

  • Tanya Clarke

    I live in outer Melbourne. I love that there is very little traffic and everything is so close and takes no time to go places.

  • Tatum

    We are currently renting, but are moving into a brand new estate in approx 10 months, we are building our very first family home, and we already love all the hype this new community is going to offer us.

  • Katrina Corbett

    I live a five minute drive from our main beach (Glenelg) in Adelaide, under 15 minutes from town, a 5 minute drive from a massive shopping center and new aquatics center and just across the road from a race course. I love where we live!

  • Emily Lawes

    That where I live is where my home is and home is where my heart is. My heart belongs to my family, which is why where I live is amazing because we are all live within a 10 minute drive of each other!

  • Sue

    We have moved to a much quieter suburb but it’s mixed with wide open spaces and very roomy and little traffic but also not too far away from shops and the community. Very peaceful.

  • Belinda Bann

    I live along side a rare pocket of bushland right in suburbia .Out my door there’s the hustle, bustle and sometimes unfriendly aspect of city life but step out back and I’m often greeted by wallabies, echidna’s, parrots and even the odd potaroo and they make where I live wonderful!

  • Caroline Nicholls

    The weather, the surroundings, the serenity and the people. The fact that it’s not miles to the beach or into the city centre. Just a few hours from Perth so Iget the best of both worlds.

  • rose powell

    As we live remote part of qld the mozzies are really bad so some mozzie torches would be great to sit outside

  • Tanya E

    I love the wet season, living on acreage with no neighbours, the peace and freedom.

  • Sally Bigmore

    I love that Narre Warren is family orientated with lots of parks and activities for the kids. I also love Fountain Gate shopping centre.

  • Emma p

    That all the neighbours know each other’s names and say hello!

  • Vija

    I love the friendliness of the people.

  • Leesa Tschirpig

    I love the heat, I love the beach just a short drive away, I love the big park just around the corner, I love that my family is close by.

  • Catrina Murray

    Everything we need is within walking distance – trains, buses, restaurants, a small supermarket and take away stores, post office, chemists, hairdressers – even an op shop! The best thing is being able to walk to my besties house!

  • Alicia

    I love any help with home reno’s!

  • Charlotte

    I love that we have a little community, that could be mistaken for a small town or country neighbourhood even though we live in an inner-city suburb! Our street is full of not just neighbours, but friends, and it’s such a great support network and always brightens my day when I bump into a friendly face right outside my door. Proves that cityslickers can be nice friendly people too, especially in lovely sunny Australia!

  • Stacey Gladman

    That we have an acre to grow and tend,
    Room to move and breathe,
    City just a short drive away.

  • Dean Brandt

    I love where I live.The fact that I’m 6 minutes from work.I get to see great sunsets each night as we have a park infront of us.It’s semi rural and quiet.Great for families.

  • MeganH

    I love that although our place is small and not perfect, we have made it our own and will continue to do so until it is just right for us.

  • Jodie Louw

    The beaches, friendly locals, great weather year round and my husband loves his job.

  • Sarahjane

    Beautiful waterways where dolphins come to play often

  • Lidya Yulianti

    I love how close we live to our work place, childcare, shops and the doctors.
    All within 15 minutes drive.

  • Michelle

    I love my new bathroom! Can’t wait to do our next renovation.

  • Jodie

    I love how I’m lucky to live in a quiet suburb that is peaceful and safe but also have the luxury of having all the shops, schools, parks at arms reach.

  • Mandy D

    I love where I live because that is where my family are!

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