Max at 16 weeks

 Max on the couch

Max, our fuzz ball Shihpoo (cross between a Poodle and a Shih Tzu), turned 16 weeks this week.
Last Saturday was his first day at puppy school. The instructor informed us he was a ‘people dog’ as he wanted to play with the other people there and was in the window of Best Friends playing it up for the people walking past the store, instead of playing with the other puppies.
Lately, he found himself in the mirror, has started digging holes (it’s loads of fun apparently), helping Mum put up the Christmas tree, playing with tinsel and baubles and chewing on the tree branches is also fun for puppies. He is scared of Kitty, if she is in the way of where he wants to go he will start sooking for someone to pick him up or move the cat! He loves cuddles and is a very sooky boy especially with Mum, who he loves to snuggle into her neck. He is just gorgeous and so good with the kids. The boys absolutely adore him, especially Mr 8. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog to fit in with our family.

Naww… even when he is naughty, you can’t look at that face and growl at him:
max bath
Has found himself in the mirror, not too sure about that other dog though… he looks like trouble:
 Max mirror
Digging holes. It’s so cute, he bounces at it, woofs and digs:
Max digging a hole
Watching Law & Order: SVU (*insert Law & Order ‘doo doo’ sound effect here*) with Dad. He looks to be enjoying it:
 Max Law and Order
‘Helping’ Mum with the Christmas decorations:
 Max christmas
Licking the rest of the ice cream from Dad’s Magnum:
 Max ice cream
Mummy cuddles:
So, there’s my 16 week update on how Mr Max puppy is going. I hope you enjoyed it.

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