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Do you find the look of your home a bit… boring? You’re not the only one. All too often we pay attention to our closets more than our home interiors and spending a lot of time in one place every day can result in dullness. Regardless, your living space shouldn’t be one you run away from but rather be the place where you let your creativity run loose and look forward to coming home to.

When you start adding changes to your décor, you’ll be inspired to add changes in your life, so if you’re looking for a way to inspire yourself on a higher level, renovation might be just what you need. Home makeovers deserve more credit when it comes to uplifting moods and at WSS we’re all about promoting a lifestyle of substance. Let’s look at some furniture pieces and give you a few ideas on how to incorporate them so you can make the most of this fun experience.

To begin with, there are no set rules for decorating. If your fear is lacking the knowledge of experts, remember there is no right or wrong way of renovating: it’s all up to you and your taste. Another plus is you get to choose the number of changes you wish to make, and best of all, it doesn’t necessarily entail countless trips to the store. You can find a great deal of choices of modern furniture online. You have to overspend to have a multi-dimensional makeover – you can do so by choosing eclectic pieces and combining them with what you already own. Here are some bits of inspiration to help you with styling. Time to get inspired!

Entry Dress-up

As this is the space first seen by guests, it’s important to leave a strong first impression. Depending on how large your entrance is, you might need a few pieces. You can’t go wrong by adding a side table, be it small or large. They are perfect spots to drop your keys, hats, umbrellas and other on-the-go belongings. Along with being functional, side tables are also very decorative. Just imagine how nice the glass side table could look in your place! If this side table doesn’t resonate with you, there’s plenty more modern furniture online to pick from. For instance, if your style allows more individuality, you can show off your chic side by owning the industrial side table with a drawer and bringing warmth with its metal-wood fusion.

Cosy Living Area

Rightfully, the living room gets the most makeovers because it’s where most of the action happens: from family fun and birthdays to celebrations of all kinds (getting a raise, buying a new car), you name it. When it comes to decorating a living room, think about how much space you have and how large your family is. Large families always need more sitting spots (especially when friends and family come over for a visit). Hence, changing sofas may also be a costly project; however, these days, there are several online stores that offer leather and other sofas at reasonable prices. If you want to change your sofa set, you can look for a leather sofa sale online and find the one that suits your family size and decor requirements. Moreover, an accent chair comes in handy and is also the ideal addition to your living room.

An accent chair with upholstery such as the one of Verny Accent Chair – Taupe can complement any ambience.

If you’re up for a new look, why not go for an entire furniture room set? Milan Direct’s Boston Room, Chicago Room and New York Room with fully equipped styles could serve as your inspiration. Once you see how all of the furniture is nicely matched up, you can opt for this option instead of having to worry about creating your own combination.

Create a Focal Point

Every room needs a focal point, somewhere where eyes travel to and are pleased with what they see. Rugs make great focal pieces. It often dictates the look of the whole room. With a round-shaped rug you have the chance to repeat the shape in just about anything: picture frames, mirrors, coffee tables. Same goes for a rectangular one. Japanese acrylic Designer Tufted Rug – Sphatika Chartreuse can add a touch of opulence.


Lighting Matters

Ok, choosing the lights may not be so obvious when it comes to décor but it’s more important than you think. Lighting can make or break a room. Same as any person can be described happy or grumpy, the tones of the home can be either light or dark so it’s important to orchestrate the perfect hues to your rooms. You can use different types of lighting fixtures to accentuate the style of your home. Retro souls will have their match in picking Metallo Aircraft Hangar Iron Ceiling Lamp or Trio Table Lamp – Peapod. For the more sophisticated tastes, Downshire Pendant Light will surely spark up a contemporary charm.


We hope you found some of our tips useful. Now go out, don’t be afraid to go bold and mix and match, and most of all, follow your intuition and have fun with it!


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