Keeping Kids Safe And Happy When Decorating The Home

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When decorating works are going on inside the home, things can get pretty chaotic. That’s just if adults are involved; what about if you have kids as well? If you do, don’t panic. Or try not to panic too much, anyway!  Things might be a bit topsy-turvy for a while, but it’s not permanent. Plus, along the way, there are a number of methods to make the whole process easier.


First of all, be sure to set the ground rules for your kids. Be firm and clear. If there are certain rooms in the house they can’t use for a while, be very clear about this. As long as you offer them an alternative room to spend time in, there shouldn’t be a problem. So, if works affect their bedroom, make them a make-shift bedroom elsewhere in the house. Set them up with their usual bedding and bedside light, so the new space feels familiar. The house being a bit of a mess may unsettle them somewhat, so this will help put their mind at ease.


Secondly, have you considered toxins? One way to counteract this is to go with eco painting. So what is eco painting? It is all about using paints that are low-VOC. This means that you and your family are protected by the toxins let into the air by other paints. It’s not just the air that these type of paints pollute, it’s you and your kids! Eco-friendly paint is also odor free. Strong smells during housing work are common, but they aren’t pleasant for anyone. Take this out of the equation for a much happier overall redecorating experience!


If you need to get them out of the house while you are deorating and into the garden while work is going on, be sure to protect them while they’re here. Especially in the summer, this means they’ll need to be well topped up with sun lotion of a high factor. Don’t forget things like sunglasses, to protect their eyes, and a hat to protect their head. Go for wide brimmed as this will also protect their face and shoulders.

You can also make kids a little happier about the work that is being done by letting them get involved. Take them along with you to pick out new furniture. Show them a few different color scheme options, and ask them what they think. You could even let them pick out one item to have in the room.

As for your other children, and that of your pets, be sure they are kept safe. Certain chemicals can be poisonous to pets. Coming into contact with them could make them sick, or even lethal. Be sure to let any workers know that you do have pets in the house. You also need to take their mental well-being into consideration. Small animals, like hamsters, for example, may be very scared by the loud noises that drills and other equipment of this nature make. Move them to a quiet part of the house. Or, have a friend look after them until work is completed.

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