Modern Home Design Trends Of 2014


It’s all about lifestyle when it comes to modern home design. From expansive communal living areas to seamless indoor/outdoor spaces, the perfect home in 2014 combines family and entertaining with some luxurious functionality thrown in for good measure. So if you’re looking at what makes a good home in the current era, here are five modern home design trends of 2014.

Open-Plan Spaces

Open plan living has been very much at the forefront of home design for the past decade and 2014 is no different. Homes are designed as communal spaces where the living and dining rooms flow seamlessly into technologically-adept kitchens. According to house builders and construction companies like Coral Homes , it’s all about keeping the family together while also providing space and refuge without even leaving your house.


Living Large

The standard family home now has a larger footprint than ever before. Not only do we have vast open-plan spaces to inhabit together but also bedroom sizes are even bigger and built-in and walk-in wardrobes are considered the norm.

There are also additional refuge areas such as media rooms, parents’ retreats, studies and separate guest accommodation that are must-haves when planning the perfect home. This partly reflects a change in our living circumstances where older children may be living at home longer and aging parents may also stay for extended periods. It’s known as multi-generational living and houses have evolved to suit the competing needs of their residents.


Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle

With our fabulous Australian climate, it’s little wonder the humble backyard barbecue of the 1950s has been transformed and integrated into modern home design. Living areas now include outdoor patio areas and gazebos complete with stainless steel barbecues and sinks. In 2014, outdoor areas are more akin to outdoor rooms, with decorator furniture, soft furnishing and even outdoor artwork.

Outdoor entertaining areas are particularly popular in warm climates where incorporating an outdoor dining area into construction is considered the norm.


Super-Sized Kitchens

For generations the kitchen has been the hub of the home, but now it’s more like mission control. Complete with the latest in technology, modern kitchens are chic large spaces where the signs you are actually in the process of cooking may be discreetly tucked away. Sculleries or butler’s pantries are all the rage at the present, providing the perfect space to hide mixers, blenders and unsightly pots and pans.


A Grand Entry

No longer does one just stroll off the street, through the front door and straight into the lounge room. Modern homes like to feature a grand entry. Porticos, porches and over-sized front doors are very in vogue at the moment, with the house gently opening up to unveil living areas as you enter the building.

So if your home is your sanctuary, modern design ensures it will meet your needs. These days you can have it all – space, comfort, style and lifestyle – all under your very own roof.

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