Ralph Lauren now has a handbag that charges your phone


Ralph Lauren is jumping into wearable tech space with a new handbag that sports the ability to charge your phone.

The “Ricky bag with light,” a leather top-handle bag in classic Ralph Lauren style, comes with an internal LED light, as well as a built-in USB charger for you phone or tablet.

The charger, with its USB port supports any devices that can be charged via USB, from an iPhone or Android phone, through to a tablet, or even something like a blue tooth headset.

The idea with the light is that when you open the flap on the bag, you’ll be able to find your keys, or anything else you’ve got inside the bag, assisting to overcome the perennial problem of searching through your bag for things.

“It’s a game changer for us in luxury,” said David Lauren, executive vice president for advertising, marketing and corporate communications.

“The Ricky bag with light is the ultimate integration of craftsmanship and technology….It is the definition of modern luxury, designed to share not only quality and beauty, but real purposefulness.”

“Lots of people just see us as timeless and classic,” he said, “but we need to define modernity, too, and there’s nothing like technology to make that statement.”

In development for eight months the bag is handmade in Italy from 50 pieces of leather and rose gold hardware, lined in purple nappa and takes 12 hours to create.

The charger is hidden in a built-in side pocket, but must be removed to be recharged but can be charged via a USB port.

Pricing in Australia is not currently available, but it’s expected to sell in the UK for £3,200 ($5917) vs a normal midsized Ricky that costs £1,750.

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