More blood tests!

silly season elfThis time of year is crazy for anyone but when you are feeling exhausted, your back feels like it is permanently stiff, limbs are hurting and joints are randomly painful and you ignore it for too long, you end up not being able to put up with it any longer and going to see the doctor. Which is what has happened with me this week.

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I had a similar thing back in September and both the doctor and I thought it was a virus. I was in bed for over a week and it eventually went away. I really wish it would go away as quickly this time! With work, end of year festivities, Christmas shopping etc I have sooo much to do but can only do them slowly, which is driving me bonkers as it is just not the way I work.

Having had enough of not being able to do everything I need to and the constant pain, I visited the doctor this morning. Dr: “You don’t look well”… Me: “Ummm well no (that’s why I’m here!)”.


I explained what has been happening and she printed out a script for anti inflammatories and a blood test order for the pathologist explaining it could be my hypothyroidism, osteoporosis or arthritis. If it is none of those I have to have further tests. Great… yay me!



So off I tootle to the pathologist and he took out 6 vials of blood… how he managed to get that many out of me, I will never know! The Pathologist usually has trouble getting one or two vials filled. Ahh the fun of blood tests!


Because of Christmas we won’t have the results until the 30th December. I am really hoping it is my thyroid playing up and not the other two options. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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