New batteries required



You know when something doesn’t feel right and isn’t sitting well with you? For the last week,  this has been me. I have been feeling a tad off.

I had been tired but that is nothing new. With working, the kids, a house to run etc being tired is nothing new to me. I’ve learned to live with it over the last eighteen years.

This was a different kind of tired though. On Tuesday,  the “offness” turned into pure exhaustion. I could hardly keep my eyes open and my head felt fuzzy and light headed.

To be honest, it was kind of scary and annoying at the same time. I definitely need a batter recharge or new batteries.


I’ve always been the type of person who ‘soldiers on’ (thanks, Codral) even when I have the flu with a chest infection, like most Mums, you just have to.

This time however, I think my body is telling me a different story. Maybe stop stressing so much? Stop running around so much? Stop doing ‘everything’ myself, perhaps? My ex-partner said I had to always be the martyr, I guess I am.

I am incredibly independent, like my own space and my own space has to be spotless. Of course, when living with someone this isn’t exactly practical (strangely, the boys don’t annoy me but a partner does). Things weren’t cleaned to my level of which they should be cleaned, the person didn’t do what I expected them in my head to do… I guess control over everything is also an issue for me. The eternal virgo perfectionist!


It would also seem that being a virgo perfectionist has led to a constant state of being stressed and tired, which as anyone knows, isn’t good for ones health in the long run and now my body is telling me so.

Inevitably, I made a Dr’s appointment and saw her on Wednesday.  First thing she said was “You look exhausted”… well yes.  Then “You are incredibly pale”.. for a redhead I have medium toned skin, not the usual pasty white stereotypical view of what a redheads skin should be (thanks, Dad!). So when I am ill, it is really noticeable.


She did the usual checks, blood pressure was a little elevated but ok (how I will never know!).. everything seemed normal.

Then the barrage of questions started. Have I had a cold? No. Have I been under more stress than usual? Ummm yes, I guess you could say that. She said it could be my hypothyroidism playing up or low iron.

So a blood test was ordered and I was sent on my way and told to “rest”. What is this “rest” thing she spoke of?…rest… umm nope still nothing. Do you know what this rest thing is?

I go back to see the doctor on Wednesday, so hopefully, I will have some answers. A few friends have said there is a virus going around where you feel exhausted and achy, so maybe it’s that?!?

Whatever it is, I hope it goes away quickly….



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