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front of house

I used to be one of ‘those’ people who moved every couple of years ( even after a year a few times). In fact, from the age of eighteen I have moved fifteen times. This last move though has seen quite a few issues and I have been thinking “What was I thinking moving house so many times before?”.  My Dad is the same though and has moved by last count 32 times in his life. Is there such a thing as a nomadic Irishman?

As per my post regarding the sale of our other house, that was a breeze. Well apart of the buyers wanting a thirty day settlement and taking over two weeks to get their finance sorted. Then the  discharging of our mortgage through ING was delayed, as they take ten days to process it. With all this fun and games the settlement on the old house was delayed by over a week.

Then came the fun and games with the house we bought. CBA took forever to process our home loan. The current owner hadn’t signed the transfer forms and was in far North Queensland for work on a remote island, along with the house keys and garage remotes. I swear I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!

We finally settled last Thursday afternoon. I spent all day Friday cleaning, as the house was disgusting especially the kitchen.


It was just…well to sum it up in one word “Gross”.  The amount of grease on the cook top, walls and cupboards was disgusting. I had to sugar soap all of the cupboard doors and the inside. The cooktop took hours to do with a lot of steelo and soaking the parts in the sink with morning fresh.  I had to use jif and a brush on the cooktop itself. I am completely bewildered as to how people could live like this? How hard is it to wipe over the cooktop after cooking? Even the glass splash back was sticky with grease! Windex Surface and Glass with some paper towel only takes a few minutes to do. Grr!


This was after I had cleaned most of it!

The appliances are by Blanco and quite expensive, so why you wouldn’t look after them is beyond me. This is a five year old house!

While I was cleaning the range hood, I tried to take out the blown light bulbs, only to have it explode and the safety switch kick in. Thank goodness for that, I could have been fried! So now the rangehood doesn’t work. The dishwasher top shelf won’t stay up and is sitting on top of the plates on the bottom rack. It is one of the adjustable racks where you can add tall things in the bottom or wine glasses etc in the top. Yes, well it doesn’t click in.

Then we found some more issues… the central heating doesn’t work and comes up with an error on the control panel.  It turns out the fan has died and of course, it is incredibly hard to find parts because the heating unit is “old”. Umm five years old is old?  So we don’t have any heating at the moment, which is fun. I bought a convector heater yesterday but I’ve had to keep it on since yesterday to take the chill off in the living room. I’m dreading seeing the power bill when it comes in.

We have ordered white wood blinds, as the previous owners didn’t put any window furnishings up. I had to put a towel over the window so I could have a shower. I didn’t want to scare the neighbours! The toilet and ensuite are the same.

We also need light shades, a toilet roll holder for the ensuite, towel rails in the ensuite and main bathroom. I swear these people must have been cavemen!

I’m sure when we sort out all of the issues,  all of the furniture and boxes cleared out it will look good. I need a holiday or some pampering now so I can relax for a while after all this!

Here is a sneaky peak at the house:


Kitchen and the huge pantry. The picture really doesn’t show how big it is!


Formal dining room, which I have made into my office/study. The study at the front of the house is now a sitting room (below), as it is lovely and sunny and away from the lounge room where the boys play their PS3 and XBox One. I can read or watch tv in peace!

sitting room


Rumpus/Games room.

I will update you all when I get everything done. I can’t wait for the white wood blinds to go in, they will look fantastic.

What do you think of our new house?



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  • Fee

    Love the house Kel! It does sound like a bit of a nightmare but I am sure it is going to be all worth it when you can relax. The shutters sound awesome, I can’t wait to see them!

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