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MSS loves: Airwick


airwick-coloured- candles

I have always loved candles. There is something soothing about the gentle flickering light and the gorgeous aromas coming from a scented candle, add a changing colourful pattern and you have the new black Airwick Multicolour Candle.

As Airwick says ” The new Multicolour Candle Black Edition creates an elegant effect by softly shining through the glass patterned window, casting enchanting shadows and patterns around your room. As the candle burns, a heavenly combination of colours, illuminations and fragrance will spread throughout your home, to create an captivating atmosphere that will be enjoyed by both family and friends.”

The smell is absolutely gorgeous and you can choose from three different fragrances; Purple Blackberry Fig, Golden Winter Woods and Crackling Fire & Cinnamon Spice.

My favourite is the Purple Blackberry Fig, just devine! RRP $11.00

Do you know that your home has a unique smell, made-up of all the things in your household? You may not smell it, because you’re used to it, but guests are sure to notice. Don’t panic though, because the new Airwick Filter & Fresh plug in can help.

Airwick- filter-fresh-fragrance

So how does it work? A quiet, yet powerful fan physically pulls in bad odours from the atmosphere and traps them in our Odourtrap™ charcoal filter. Then, the trapped air is gently fragranced with your choice of Air Wick scent before the fan disperses it throughout your room. Unlike ordinary air fresheners that just mask bad odours, Filter & Fresh actually removes smells, delivering a cleaner, fresher fragrance experience for you and your family. 

Available Fragrances:
Tropical Lagoon & Hibiscus Flower
French Lavender & Shimmering Waters

Available Refills:
Tropical Lagoon & Hibiscus Flower
French Lavender & Shimmering Waters
Citrus Orange & Ocean Energy

The Airwick Filter and Fresh unit’s RRP is $21.00.

Thanks to Airwick, one lucky Mummy of Style and Substance reader will win a Airwick Multicolour candle and Airwick filter and fresh pack worth $35.

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20 thoughts on “MSS loves: Airwick

  1. This smells like a fantastic prize!

  2. My cats litter and food.

  3. Love my house smelling beautiful 24/7

  4. My 2 Year old and his smelly Nappies lol.

  5. my 4yr old son’s socks after a day at kindy, phew!!

  6. My teenage son’s bedroom.

  7. My dog! He is old……..

  8. My whole house seems to smell like last night’s dinner, sure it smells good when you are about to eat it, but not the next day when it should be gone!

  9. The drain in my bathroom, oh the lovely aroma’s (not)…

  10. My son’s shoes. Eeek!

  11. My husband when he comes home from work boy does he smell awful

  12. My husbands unwashed frying pan from last nights Salmon dish! I’m so lucky! :/

  13. My Bulldog spud- sometimes he can be really on the nose

  14. The kitty litter, its so gross. :/

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