MSS loves: Chrissy L Accessories

You know when you find a store you absolutely love and have to share it with everyone? Yes?

Well that’s what I have to do with Chrissy L Accessories! I am sick of seeing cheap junky jewellery on the interwebs and in stores.
I mean, we all love costume jewellery but we don’t want it looking like we bought it from the local $2+ shop now, do we? Not so with Chrissy L. Accessories, gorgeous quality pieces with a reasonable price tag! Yay!

Two of my favourite pieces in the Chrissy L Accessories collection is the Tiffany- esque ‘Key of Love’ range. The Key of Love bangle is $44.00 and the Key of Love necklace is $31.00.  Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Another gorgeous piece in the collection is the Just You and Me Trio bangle Gold and Blue Cloud which retails for $79.
Who doesn’t love a beautiful pair of pink earrings? These Make Me Blush Antique silver and dusty pink earrings are $31.
Statement necklaces are a must have at the moment and we love the Unchain My Heart Necklace in Gold. $59.00
If you would like to see more of Chrissy’s fabulous designs go to:
*Note: I was given the Chrissy L. Key of Love necklace and bracelet for consideration for a review as per our Disclosure Policy

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