Must Have Garden Style Trends 2016

It’s all very well keeping up with the home decor trends, but don’t forget about your poor garden too. You know that your outside spaces need care and attention as well as the inside spaces. So check out these 2016 garden trends to make sure your garden is tip top.


First of all, there is a huge trend towards creative and magical lighting in gardens at the moment. We are seeing a lot of hurricane lanterns and jam jars with lights in. The are perfect because they create an atmospheric mood when the sun goes down, and you can still sit out and enjoy your garden even in the dark.



You can choose to use tea lights in the lanterns. Or you can go for waterproof battery powered fairy lights. The battery lights look great roughly bunched into a jar. It’s sort of like having a jar if your own fireflies. They are safer too as they don’t pose a fire or electricity risk. But you might want to go for candles if they contain mosquito repellent. This will stop the bugs biting as you are enjoying your garden.

Using fairy lights to decorate your trees is another good lighting option too. They can provide some interest and dimension to your garden and make it seem very festive.



A trend that is really standing out this year is the use of bright colors in the garden. Of course, flowers are often vibrant in hue, but I’m talking about garden accessories as well. Add pops of colour with tin enamelled plant pots, dynamic windmills, and ornaments with a whimsical twist like these flamingos.


Outdoor heating

The next trend to look is all about keeping warm. What use it a beautiful garden if you are not out enjoying it because it’s too cold? If you want to be in the backyard in all temperatures, then it’s a splendid idea to put some heating in place. You could try a patio heater that runs on gas, or a wood fired chiminea is another good option. Another stylish addition to any garden is an outdoor fire pit. These are so good because they are low enough that everyone can gather around and still talk to each other and toast marshmallows.


Wild flowers

A lovely trend we are seeing a lot of in gardening in 2016 is the use of wild flowers. They are easy to sow and grow, and you can get them in all sorts of different colours. They are a quick and cheap way of getting some beauty into an overgrown garden, without having to do too much work.


Padded furniture

Garden furniture is undergoing a big changing this season. We have seen a move more toward the luxe end of the market with rattan and cushions becoming very stylish. This is being developed further as we now see comfort coming to the forefront. Ditch your white plastic chairs and go for something like outdoor waterproof bean bag instead. You can clean it easily; it doesn’t matter if you leave it out in the rain and it’s easy to move about the just the right spot.


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