WSS Opinion: The Judgy McJudgers Need To Stop.


From what I saw online 2015 was the year of the perpetually offended and it seems instead of people growing up and being mature or logical about things, being offended and voicing your views on everything not to your liking seems to be the “in” thing to do lately.

I read an article recently on middle aged people leaving social media in droves and I can honestly understand why. The negativity and stupidity just gets too much! Yes, we know life isn’t all skittles and flowers but people need to get out and experience life more and not be so invested in the online world.


Mum Shaming

This week saw two celebrity Mums get shamed; one for her kids appearing to be too skinny and the other, kissing her daughter on the mouth. Kirsten Cavallari posted a cute picture of her boys playing in the water with her husband, which set off the Mum bashers!

Even though we’re not in the states, were still celebrating ? hope everyone has a fun and safe 4th! #MyGuys

A photo posted by Kristin Cavallari (@kristincavallari) on

According to some of the comments, Kirsten’s boys are “too skinny” and “need a good feed”. If her kids had of had a bit of weight on them, there would have been comments about how chubby they are. Really, just stop! Kids come in all different body shapes and sizes with different metabolisms. It all comes down to genetics. Kirsten and her husband are tall and skinny, so naturally her kids will be.

Two of my sons are tall and skinny and they looked exactly the same as Kirsten’s boys at that age and I used to receive the odd “Don’t you feed ya kids?” My youngest is short and chubby, which I have heard comments along the lines of “you should put him on a diet” and “he is a bit chubby, isn’t he?”. No, you need to feck off with your judgements and mind your own damn business. As soon as he hits teen years, he will sprout up and lose his chubbiness. It must be so hard for judgers to judge me because of two skinny kids and one chubby. It must be confusing for them. They all eat the same food and do the same exercise. So how can they judge that?

The second Mum was Victoria Beckham, who post a pic of her kissing daughter, Harper on Harper’s fifth birthday.

Happy Birthday baby girl ??? We all love you so much ??? X @davidbeckham @brooklynbeckham kisses from mummy X

A photo posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

Since when was it not ok to kiss your kids? I still kiss my eleven year old on the lips when he goes to bed. Whoever thinks there is something wrong with it needs some sort of sick person therapy.

Body Shaming

A Playboy bimbo…erm.. I mean bunny, decided to post a picture of another woman showering at her LA gym. The tagline on her Snapchat said “If I can’t unsee this than you can’t either”. She also posted a picture of her laughing at the woman. Posting a picture of a naked woman and public shaming her for not having a “perfect” body is disgusting and I hope she gets the full force of the law thrown at her. The poor woman had her privacy violated and body judged just for trying to better herself by going to the gym.

She was, of course, apologetic later and said she meant to send the post to one person and didn’t understand how Snapchat works. So, essentially, she just meant to be incredibly insensitive and rude to one person, instead of a whole bunch of them.

It is never, ever, ok to post pictures of anyone without approval on social media, especially naked pictures.  Body shaming isn’t on either. We are all perfect in our own way and no one has the right to judge others on their body shape. Poor Jennifer Aniston was shamed last week for her shapely tummy, media were reporting she was pregnant when all she had been doing was enjoying her holiday.

Pokemon Go shaming

Seriously, yes! This is legitimately a thing. I read comments online to the effect of “People need to get lives”, “stupid idiots with nothing better to do with their time” and this lovely one “My stupid step son talks non stop about the stupid game. Only idiots play it” (Yes, she spoke like that about her stepson. Lovely, isn’t it?).

If people are having fun and going outside, getting exercise and meeting people isn’t that a good thing? Some people just lead bitter, nasty lives and need to be Debbie downers about whatever everyone is into at the moment.

Celebrity Online Abuse

If you go onto any celebrity Instagram page, you will see a lot of nasty comments directed at celebrities. Usually by teenage kids, which is really sad. If teenage kids think it is ok to post this stuff on celebrity pages, they probably think it’s ok to post like that on anyone’s social media. Some of the comments are down right nasty. Fangirls seem to be the worst at posting these type of comments with targets such as any woman linked to a One Direction member, Justin Beiber’s latest flings (poor Hayley Baldwin usually gets nasty things posted on her account) and recently emoji snakes were being posted on Taylor Swifts posts in relation to the Calvin Harris/ Katy Perry sagas.

I don’t understand why people think it is ok to post nasty comments on others accounts, particularly if the person is famous. Would they post the same comments on a family members page? Probably not.

What do you think of judgemental people?

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