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My top five cooking apps

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I love cooking and baking. From when I was eight years old and tried to make scones in the microwave from a recipe I had found in Family Circle (my brother and I discovered the scones actually made excellent tennis balls), to over melting chocolate and it seizing, to trying to make aoli dressing and it separating, never to be salvageable and having to do it again, I have learned that even with all the failures I’ve had there is a lot of fun to be had from cooking and a lot of successes have been made from learning from these failures.

Chicken leek mushroom casserole

Of course, failures can now be rectified with a quick search on the internet. It is much easier to have a tablet or smart phone on hand in the kitchen instead of a book (many books of which I have ruined because I am such a messy cook!).

Of course, I still have my favourite cookbooks on show but I rarely use them now that I use my tablet so much.


Before I forget about it, here is a tip: If you don’t want any mess getting on your phone or tablet, cover it in plastic wrap or place it in a sandwich bag. You can still use the screen but doing this saves it from being drowned or encrusted in batter or something similar.

WP_20140619_003 (1)

As you can see in the picture above, I have a Toshiba Encore tablet. As well as being my handy diary, notebook, book reader, email processor and Pinterest enabler, the Encore gives me access to literally thousands of recipes on the internet and via Windows apps. Ok, a book is pretty and can give me a few recipe ideas but they can’t give me access to that many recipes, can they? Do you like my Chef Claude tablet holder? Pretty cute, isn’t he?

So what are my top 5 Windows cooking apps:

Bing Food & Drink : This app is incredibly easy to search recipes and includes celebrity chefs. It includes beautiful photos, easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tools such as a shopping list and meal planner. You can also enter notes or upload your own recipes.  The app even features a hands-free “Cooking Mode”. How clever is that?

Below is a picture of the shopping list from the app on my mobile phone, the app can be accessed from a tablet or smart phone and shared between the two.

shopping list

Recipe finder: this app has thousands of recipes on hand and I really don’t think there is a recipe you can’t find on here.

AlltheCooks: Recipes are in different categories, such as main meals, side dishes, desserts etc. You can save your favourite recipes for use later on.

Free 100,000 recipes: Literally what the app is called. Again, another app where I don’t think you would have trouble finding a recipe to use for any occasion or ingredients you have on hand.

Jamie Oliver recipes: well, because it is Jamie Oliver and we love him and his recipes!

What are your favourite apps or recipes?



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