Five Ways to Keep Pests out of your Kitchen


If there is one room in the house most prone to pests and one that you should keep pests free from the most, it’s your kitchen – the heart of the house, place where most of family gatherings tend to take place and where all the food you feed your family with comes from. Here are Five Ways to Keep Pests out of your Kitchen.

Keep it clean

To state the obvious – pests like it dirty. Keeping your kitchen clean, wiping all the flat surfaces at least once a day, not leaving dealing with spills for later, washing the dishes right after the meal is the simplest way to keep your kitchen unattractive for ants, cockroaches and other unwelcome guests.

Seal it

Prevention is better than cure, so they say. Well, they are right. Before your only option is to call pest control people, for example the experts from Trusted Pest Management , try and make your kitchen pest-proof. The best way to do it is to seal the place down – after all if they can’t get in you want have to struggle to get them out. Start with sealing all windows and doors, and then move on to cracks in the walls, floors and so on. Keeping your food in sealed containers is another good idea.

Freeze it up

Do you remember the last time you found pests in your freezer? I bet you don’t, which easily makes it the best place to store food. If you tend to stock up on produce like flour, sugar and others, keep them locked up in the freezer where no pest will even think of touching them. Small amounts for everyday use can be stored in sealed containers outside the freezer, the rest shouldn’t see the light of day.

Cover it up

Your dog or cat probably won’t like it, but bowls of animal feed should be covered at all times except your pet’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time. It’s also a good idea to place the pets dishes on a tray or a plastic sheet, which is easy to remove and clean after your best friend makes a bit of a mess.

Aromatic defense

You’re in luck – some if not most aromas that humans enjoy, pests detest. Keep the kitchen nice and fresh, smelling of mint, cloves, apple etc and pests will think twice before entering. A synthetic aroma will do but if you want to go natural use a few drops of eucalyptus oil or slice a cucumber up and leave in the places the cockroaches like to visit. Just remember to throw it away before it becomes something all pests adore – rotten food.

Buy less

Imagine you could get rid of pests while saving money at the same time. Actually – you can. The solution is simple – buy less. It’s not like you have to prepare for long winters and stock up on food. Buying smaller quantities of food solves the problem of storing it and it is the food that you store for long periods of time that attract insects and other uninvited creatures.

Make your kitchen a welcoming space for your family and your friends and as a side effect you’ll get rid of pests, making it even more welcoming.

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