Nearly naked. Find your perfect match.


Did you know you can find your perfect match thanks to Revlon? As well as being able to play with some hot guys on Revlon’s YouTube channel, you can also work out your perfect match with Revlon’s Nearly Naked Makeup.

Before I tell you about this exciting and revolutionary product from Revlon, let’s talk about these men…. hello! Introducing YOUR very own perfect man! Designed, created and a one-of-a-kind just for you! Wouldn’t it be a perfect world if we could create our perfect partner? *sigh… shakes head and comes back to reality*

Erm hmm…. anyway, all you have to do is click here to have a perve… erm I mean find your perfect man!

Apparently, this is mine:

perfect man


Scarily accurate! Blonde hair… check! Blue eyes…. check. Wears a suit…. check. Professionally employed…. check. Sexy voice… check. Benefits of a hot body…. check!

Ironically, he looks very similar to an AFL player I used to date about 15 years ago.

A long story, which you don’t need to know about…

Moving right along…


Did you know my first job while going to university was as a Revlon consultant at Myer? To this day I still love their products and I am quite excited about the launch of Nearly Naked.  We all love a make up that covers our flaws but looks like we aren’t wearing any makeup.

Revlon says of Nearly Naked:

You get noticed for a lot of things, but heavy, cakey makeup shouldn’t be one of them. Revlon introduces NEW Revlon Nearly NakedTM Makeup, a revolutionary foundation that is so refreshingly light it melts right into your skin, harmonising skin and makeup to restore your natural glow and provide an even, fresh complexion. Get noticed for your beautiful skin, not your makeup!

Formulated with weightless hollow silica pigments, the breakthrough Revlon Nearly NakedTM Makeup balances skin and makeup so they work together – allowing the makeup to mimic skin’s tone and texture. A blend of green tea, black tea, oatmeal and jojoba help maintain your natural glow for skin that looks naturally perfect while a broad spectrum SPF 20 helps protect from further damage. And the best part – it truly feels as if you aren’t even wearing makeup!

Use alone or together with Revlon Nearly Naked™ Pressed Powder for fresh, flawless skin with undetectable coverage.

There are many reasons you get noticed, and now naturally beautiful skin can be one of them with Revlon Nearly NakedTM Makeup.


  • Lightweight foundation that balances skin and makeup to work in harmony for an even, fresh complexion;
  • Contains green tea, black tea, oatmeal and jojoba to help maintain skin tone and texture;
  • Lightweight, undetectable, breathable coverage that builds from light to medium;
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 20.

SHADES: 12 easy-to-find shades (Ivory, Vanilla, Shell, Nude, Fresh Beige, Natural Beige, Medium Beige, True Beige, Warm Beige, Natural Tan, Toast, & Cappuccino)



  • Silky soft texture blends seamlessly with your skin;
  • Provides natural coverage, evens your skin and minimizes the appearance of imperfections;
  • Undetectable coverage makes it feel and look like you are not wearing any powder

SHADES: 6 (Fair, Light, Medium, Medium/Deep, Deep, Dark)


Revlon nearly naked

Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup: $25.95Revlond Nearly naked powder

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder: $25.95



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