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In exciting news, Target has released ‘The Secret Sculpt Dress’! The Secret Sculpt Dress is a style of dress which has been designed with technology to help support the body and create a smoother contour.

It targets key areas; defining the waist, flattening the tummy, slimming the hips, thighs and bottom. With its inbuilt support system, it gives women a slimmer and sleeker appearance instantly! Fantastic, yes?

The Secret Sculpt dress is available in sizes 8 -20 and a new range of designs will be out in October.  Can’t wait to see what they are!

Currently, you can chose from the four designs; Black, Abstract, Spot and Stripe.

target secret sculpt dresses 3

As Gok says ” It’s shapewear and a dress, all in one!” And I have to agree with him. I have never had a dress fit me so well and it is so flattering!

Here I am posing while being styled by the lovely ladies from Target:



The jacket is also from Target and retails for $69. Boots and tights are my own.

After the Target Secret Sculpt dress launch, I went straight to Target and bought the stripe version of the dress (below)!

secret sculpt dress target stripe

I love it and I can’t wait to wear it out to lunch with my family for our joint birthday/ Father’s Day lunch tomorrow.

To celebrate the launch of Target’s Secret Sculpt Dress, Target and Mummy of Style and Substance are giving away a $50 Target voucher, so you can purchase your own Secret Sculpt dress!  Yay!

Competition is open from 30.08.13 until 9pm 6.09.2013.  

Competition is only available to residents of Australia. 


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I was given a Target Secret Sculpt Dress for editorial consideration as per our Disclosure Policy

54 thoughts on “Secret Sculpt Dress

  1. I am in love with Secret Sculpt Dress – Black + White Spot – if I am lucky enough to win the voucher , I will buy it.

  2. Love the Abstract pattern dress!

  3. I’m favouring the black and white stripe dress also. Not quite confident enough for the abstract and the spot which are more noticeable and ‘out there’. This design gives you the WOW factor without feeling too conspicuous. Love it. And if it reduces the baby rolls left behind after three children, all hale to it!!

  4. I’m like you, loving the striped one!

  5. I love the Abstract dress. I’d love to own a dress that says ‘look at me’.

  6. I love polka dots so I would have to say that one. Although I would them all!

  7. I am loving the Abstract print right now 🙂

  8. I love the black and white dress, very flattering to the figure

  9. I Love the Spot Dress it is so Cute and Fun.

  10. I’m torn between the Spot and the Stripes. I LOVE both. I think the Stripe dress would be more practical for me though as I can already think of many places and way I could wear it. Love the jacket you have paired it with as well.

  11. You really can’t go past a little black dress, but the spots also have a very cute retro vibe, perfect for Spring!

  12. Love the black one to dress up for night and the spot one for day ,I have a black and white blazer that would match beautifully.

  13. Just to pick one is super hard….but Im a bit of a sucker for spots…its so easy to dress up or dress down!

  14. I love the striped version of the dress.

  15. The spotty one! It’s cute as!

  16. I live the strip version! Gorgeous 🙂

  17. I love the stripe one. It will give the illusion that I’m skinnier than I really am.

  18. I would love the abstract dress!

  19. The striped version of the sculp dress,to look real slim and to impress .I think ive found the perfect dress.

  20. My favourite is definitely the spots, although the black one runs a close second. I think it’s a fun, cute dress and I can definitely see myself wearing it 🙂

  21. The polka dots, i love it. Stylish and me!!

  22. Love spot. Spots are so my thing.

  23. Abstract, it’s not your boring plain ‘little black dress’ or as mumsy as the spots. A little different, so it’ll stand out.

  24. I’m going to take a giant step out of my safety zone and go for the spotty dress,
    hopefully it will keep the wobbly bits in, so I don’t look like my usual mess.

  25. I also love the striped version… because I know that panelling idea works well to further slim my silhouette!

  26. you can do so much with black

  27. Sounds like they will all do the trick quite nicely! My favourite would have to be the stripe – I could see myself wearing it to work or out to dinner and boy do I need the slimming effect when I go out to dinner!

  28. The stripe version of the dress – stripes make me feel better-must have been a Zebra in a previous lifetime 😉

  29. I love the uniqueness of the Secret Sculpt Twist Front Dress, it’s the top of my shopping list!

  30. Abstract for me because it will provide a seamless transition from office wear to a dinner for two attire.

  31. I love Target’s Secret Sculpt Polka Dot Dress, it’s lovely and it’s hidden talent would be put to use here!

  32. It would be any dress as i don’t normally wear dresses so this would be out of my comfort zone and trying something new.

  33. I love them all but if i had to pick one i would say the the one with the white stripes it is beautiful.

  34. Love the Black dress because anything that makes my figure look flattering and slimmer after having children is a winner in my books. I would add colourful accessories to jazz up the dress, and give me the edge.

  35. I’d love the Spot dress, have always wanted a polka-dot dress but been too scared to buy one – until now!

  36. Hard decision….but I love the abstract dress 🙂

  37. The Secret Sculpt Dress in plain black

  38. I love the Secret Sculpt Dress in plain black! I have an hour glass figure and would love to flaunt it

  39. I’ve got a soft spot for SPOTS!

  40. The stripe dress would be lovely. The panel design helps give the illusion of a lovely shape too I think.

  41. How can you go past the dots!

  42. They all look fabulous but I am a spots girl all the way, so the spotty dress is on my list of must have frocks!

  43. I’d be torn between the striped and the spotted dress – both so cute! You really make a case for the striped dress though, you look great!!!

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

  44. I love the Secret Sculpt Dress – Black + White Spot.

  45. The black dress so I can support National LBD next year! It’s such a gorgeous elegant dress and a staple piece to any wardrobe that I’d absolutely love to have! xx

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