Is Your Neighbours Lawn Healthier Than Yours?


Lush, green lawns are something that every garden should have. Whether you have a small or large patch, it’s one of your garden’s most attractive features. Unfortunately, to achieve a healthy lawn, you need to give it the care and attention it needs on a routine basis. Otherwise, it will dry out, discolour and be difficult to get back to it’s former glory. If you’ve noticed that your neighbour’s lawn looks better than yours, it’s probably because they are taking better care of it. So if you’re willing to put in the effort to make your lawn the talk of the town, use the suggestions in this guide.

Water your lawn

Watering is vital if you want to have an amazing garden and a beautiful lawn. This is particularly important during the warm summer months, when your grass can easily dry out and die. During this time, you should aim to water your lawn once a day to keep it fully hydrated. Doing this will improve the vibrancy and healthy of your grass significantly. It will also make it develop stronger roots and prevent it from becoming yellow. You have a few options when it comes to watering your lawn. You could do it by hand with a watering can, when you water the rest of your plants and flowers. Or you might want to install sprinklers and pumps you can set to a timer and even control with your phone.



Start cutting regularly

Cutting your lawn is another crucial task you need to complete regularly. This will keep it looking neat and tidy, while also encouraging it to become thick and healthy. Never wait for your grass to get too long before you attempt to cut it. Use a lawn mower to cut your grass down to at least six centimetres, remembering to change the direction each time. Sticking to the same pattern repeatedly can stop your lawn from growing. You should also ensure that your lawn mower blades are sharp for a more precise cut. Go online and search for companies who provide servicing and repairing of garden machinery and equipment in your local area.


Remove weeds

Weeds are a common problem in almost every gardens and are something you have to get in control of quickly. If you don’t, they can take over your lawn and cause damage to your grass. But even when you remove them, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are gone for good. This is a task that will require persistence and patience as weeds can be stubborn to get rid of. You might need to buy specialist weeding tools and herbicide based weed killers. When removing the room, try to get as much of the root out as possible to prevent a regrowth later on. For more help and guidance, visit your local gardening centre and talk to an expert.

With the advice in this guide and a little hard work and effort, a beautiful lawn can be within your grasp. Soon your neighbours will be the ones who are green with envy at how lush and healthy your lawn is.


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