Nurturing Client Relationships in Beauty Business: 7 Tips

Many beauticians would agree that client relationships are one of the most important things to run a successful business. After all, quite a few people visit beauty salons not just for a service but also to enjoy a relaxing time and forget their worries.

In other words, they see a salon as a means to escape, and visiting an establishment with a poor employee attitude or an overall bad environment is unlikely to happen.

Meanwhile, if customers feel appreciated, they will stay loyal and even recommend the salon to others. 

The question is, how can a beauty salon create a client relationships strategy and follow through so that people who come are satisfied with their experience. Let’s take a look.

Show Your Flexibility

Flexibility should be one of the first things on the list. These days, people are quite busy, and they might not have as much time to work out the details on booking an appointment to a salon if they have never visited before. Is it necessary to visit in person? Or is there a phone number that they can use to call? What if finding such information online is not possible?

These and other questions indicate that a few things are missing, particularly the information about the salon.

Having a presence on multiple channels is not all, though. A beauty salon can and should facilitate client management with mobile app that can automate bookings, show information about a beautician’s schedule and services they provide, and send text reminders, to name a few.

Be Positive

Positivity is another trait that should be present in a beauty salon. It again connects to the point about making customers feel welcome. If there is too much negativity around, it will not take too long before even regulars start to look for a new salon they should go to.

Smiles, no conflicts between the staff and customers, greeting and saying goodbye, and other small things make a positive picture that creates a warm environment. It is a no-brainer that if you had to choose between a welcoming and positive salon and one that lacks these things, you would choose the former.

Offer Knowledge

The knowledge of a beautician can come in many different forms, particularly when they are experienced. 

For example, a client might ask what products they should use or where they can get them at the best price. If a beautician follows the trends (which they should), then offering their insight and providing suggestions or other valuable information will not be a problem.

Putting effort into helping a customer in ways that are not necessarily related directly to your work is a good way to build authority and earn their trust. Customers appreciate the help they get, and this will not go unnoticed.

Have Great Interpersonal Skills

Since making customers feel comfortable and happy is one of the best ways to improve relationships with them, it is necessary to emphasize interpersonal skills, also known as communication.

One thing to note, though, is that nonverbal communication is often overlooked. It is not the way you talk but how your body moves. From eyes and a smile to hand movement, nonverbal communication of a beautician should also be appropriate.

Distinguishing between introverts and extroverts should also be an important point to consider. Some customers are the chatty type who will continue to talk throughout the entire procedure, whereas others will want to remain quiet. 

Knowing these two types and identifying them is a must so that a beautician can act accordingly to how different customers communicate.

Exceed Expectations

At times, taking the extra mile might be difficult or next to impossible. Nevertheless, beauticians who try their best to accommodate customers are more likely to succeed in creating a strong relationship with them.

One of the best examples of taking the extra is to arrange a time outside regular hours. Be it early morning or later in the evening, if a customer can only make it then, a beautician could arrange an appointment that works for the client.

Ask Customers for Feedback

Asking customers for feedback is beneficial for multiple reasons. For one, you get to hear their experiences and point of view, which can help improve the overall business. 

Secondly, customers feel more appreciated by providing feedback because they feel important thanks to their opinion being heard. 

Stay in Touch and Show Appreciation

If a beauty salon has a more modern approach when they stay in touch with their customers through social media and emails, then it would be great to make the most out of that.

Showing appreciation via messages that thank them for a visit and mentioning how a salon cannot wait to see them again is one example. Whenever there is a holiday season approaching, you can send emails and wish customers happy holidays.

Running contests and promotions is worth a shout as well. A beauty salon can organize raffles for exclusive discounts and other perks to keep customers happy and engaged.

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