Oh No Spill! Make Sure Your Home Still Looks Superb

It’s so easy for a mark to happen in your home. After all, with kids running around, or pets being energetic with drinks around,  it can soon lead to a spill. And while a lot of spills can be cleaned up, some of them can turn into permanent marks on your floor. And while we would love to be able to get new carpet, it’s often the case we can’t afford it at this moment. But you don’t have to worry about your home being knocked down the style polls. In fact, there are some ways you can resolve the problem quickly. Therefore, here are some ways to keep your home stylish after a spill!

Look into rearranging your furniture

If you can’t do much else about the mark, it might be time to move around the furniture in the room. After all, if you manage to cover it with your sofa or bed, no one has to know about the spill until it’s time for you to move home! Therefore, it’s time to move around your furniture in the room. Find ways to fit everything in while covering the mark at the same time. You might be surprised to find that your room will look bigger after you have moved the furniture around. And everyone will compliment you on the new look. After all, doing a move around can often make the room look completely different! Therefore, hide the mark and give the room a spruce at the same time to ensure your home stays in style.

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Hide the mark with a rug

When marks will just not go, it’s time to consider how you could hide it on the floor. After all, you can’t replace the whole carpet because of the tiny mark. But you don’t want everyone to see the mark either! One way you can hide the mark while ensuring your home looks fabulous is by investing in a rug. After all, you can just position the rug over the mark in the room to ensure it stays covered. And while it is good for hiding marks, there are a lot of other benefits of adding a rug to your room. For one thing, it’s a great accent which can add a bit of style and character to your room. And if you go for a unique one from brands like Hali, it will really stand out in your room. Additionally, when the weather turns cold, you can use the rug to warm up your feet!


Get a professional carpet cleaner

While you might not be able to get rid of marks from your carpet, it doesn’t mean that no one can. In fact, if you contact a professional carpet cleaner, you might be surprised that they get rid of the mark for good. And then it will save you having to hide the spill, or even attempt to save up for a new carpet. Therefore, it’s worth hunting a carpet cleaner down who will use different methods like steam cleaning to ensure the mark is removed ASAP. And then your home will go back to being a stylish abode!

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And ensure the kids don’t go in the room in future with drinks to ensure no further spills occur!

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