Classic Interior Design That Stands The Test Of Time

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Interior design and fashion are very similar. There are always going to be certain items which stand the test of time, such as skinny jeans and the basic white tee. There are also going to be things which come and go, a passing phase. We could say the onesie is one of these trends, although it looks set to last.

As we look through homes to buy, you can see that some are in desperate need of renovation. Dated from the seventies or eighties and now looking seriously out of fashion. Of course for some people, this look in itself is a style, a retro chic. However, it may mean that those homes sell for much less money.

So, how can you be sure you have an interior design that is going to still look stunning in 20 years time and what can you do to your home for a quick update?

Handmade made to measure curtains are a good place to start. There is something luxurious about a set of floor skimming, lined curtains. Of course, the colour really does make a huge difference. Opting for a bold pattern may mean your textiles are out of touch in a few years time. Instead of sticking to the classic prints or the simple colours, will give you a look that will last a lifetime. If you have a delicate curtain, then you can be far more extravagant on the walls. While is very simple to change curtains. It will be far cheaper to repaint your walls than it is to have a made to measure set of drapes created. So go with a colour scheme you know works long term

Paint colour is pretty important. Magnolia is the colour of choice for all new builds, and as such, while it looks pretty classic, it also looks somewhat dated. We know that we aren’t limited to this one colour anymore, so sticking to it seems insane. Instead, opt for other neutral tones. Greys are very classic colours and won’t go out of fashion. You can hit a really pale grey which almost looks white but gives you that nice warmth to tone it down. You can then layer some crisp whites against it which somehow seems to make the white look even cleaner. While a traditional magnolia can look nicotine stained against white. Keep things light and bright.

You cannot go wrong with large strips or with checks. These looks have been in fashion for years and didn’t go away. A tartan print is really sophisticated, and especially if you opt for a neutral tartan, you can mix a bold pattern with fine colour, which will suit your home for many years to come.

Bright colours are also good to use. However, this should be done on feature furniture and try to keep the lines clean and without fuss. You don’t have to stick to pale colours to ensure your home looks on trend.

Finally, the minimal look which has been mastered by Sweden for so many years is perfect for lasting a lifetime. It works because you can add bold dimensions to it without spending a lot of money.

Think carefully about your interior design choices and you could have a look which will keep looking on trend for years to come.


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