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We have been using olive oil for cooking for about ten years now, as it is the better alternative to cooking oils. It is also a great alternative to butter and margarine fop dipping bread or mixed into salads and pastas but did you know it can be used in the process of making meats we use every day, making it lower in saturated fat? I didn’t, until I heard about Oliving by Hans recently. As we use a lot of olive oil and have a semi Mediterranean diet, I was keen to try out the new range.

Did you know the Mediterranean diet has been recognised as an ideal nutritional model associated with long life? It can also provide a lower incidence of various chronic diseases and better health and well-being. The Mediterranean diet is characterised by the daily addition of olive oil to food.

Oliving by Hans products are a uniquely delicious combination of the finest meat and olive oil, but also offer guaranteed quality and low fat content. So now we can enjoy the Hans products we enjoy like ham, bacon and chorizo without the saturated fat content of regular meats.

So now you can make wraps, pizzas, sandwiches and a lot more without worrying about the saturated fat content.

The Melbourne launch of Oliving by Hans was spent at an olive grove on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

Such a beautiful area and setting! Doesn’t the food look amazing?

Of course, you can recreate your own amazing recipes like the one I’ve found on the Oliving by Hans website for you. The Broccoli salad with nuts, orange and Oliving by Hans salami is easy to make, delicious and perfect for a quick summer lunch!



• ½ cup mayonnaise

• ¾ cup sugar

• 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

• 1 teaspoon lemon juice

• 5 cups boiled broccoli

• ½ cup raisins

• ½ cup cashew nuts

• ½ cup chopped onion

• 4 slices of Hans Oliving Hungarian Salami

• ½ cup orange slices

• 150g cheddar cheese, cut into cubes


In a bowl, combine the mayonnaise, sugar, vinegar and lemon juice. Place in fridge for 1-2 hours.

Combine the broccoli, raisins, nuts, onion, orange, cheese and Hans Oliving Hungarian Salami.

Pour over salad dressing and serve.


⁺Hans Oliving Hungarian Salami is a Good Source of Protein, and contains 36% Reduced Fat* and 40% Reduced Saturated Fat*

*Compared to Hans Hungarian Salami

So you can try out your own Oliving by Hans recipes, Oliving by Hans and Mummy of Style and Substance are giving away 2 x $60 Coles vouchers.

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Entries close at midnight on the 24th November 2014.
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#SP This is a sponsored post by Oliving by Hans and Marmot Inc


  • admin

    Cathy Stone: Yum the Brocolli Salad sounds amazing will have to try it. Love to use a combination of Oliving by Hans products to make some homemade pizza’s for a family feast, my family would love these yummy treats.
    Create a pizza base with flour and some added Oliving by Hans Rindless Pan Sized Bacon bits. It would give the base such a twist, and give the tastebuds such a hit.
    Add a variety of Oliving by Hans sliced pizza salami, sliced peperill salami, diced twiggy sticks, naturally smoked ham, would be a meatlovers pizza heaven and would be bliss. Love then to make a cheesecake dessert pizza, base lined with cream cheese topping whipped, diced with Oliving By Hans Rindless Pan Sized Bacon bits, a flavor combination not to be missed. Add strawberries/raspberries, piped with thick chocolate mousse and custard, it would certainly be delish.

    • Holly

      Mmm yum, The Oliving range by Hans looks delicious! I would have to make a nibbly tray with olive, gherkin, tomato, avacado, a tray of cheeses and use the Oliving by Hans mild Twiggy sticks and the Oliving by Hans Peperilli Salami… Served with a glass of vino of course!

  • admin

    Jade: Nothing beats a big plate of antipasto and freshly baked bread. Coming from an italian background this is my Favourite meal. Olives, sundries tomatoes, artichokes, marinated capsicum, various cheeses and a selection of meat…. Just the thought of it is making me drool!

  • admin

    Fiona: I just wanna make jafffles now!! With ham and ooozing cheese, and yummy tomato that I always burn myself on!
    Fiona recently posted…Win a pair of glasses!My Profile

  • admin

    Angela: I would have to make a salami, olive, rocket and Parmesan pizza! With a homemade crust brushed in Olving by Hans olive oil for that extra crispy texture. Delish!

  • admin

    Karen L

    Nothing as yummy as that salad looks. 🙂 Probably a creamy pasta with ham that the whole family will enjoy.

  • admin


    Antipasto starter then Hoki fillet with a chorizo crust…yum eeeee

  • admin

    Narelle Rock

    I would slice up the spicy salami and put it under the skin of chicken maryland and then bake in oven for 45mins on a bed of sliced up brown onions, sprinkle with red wine vinegar before serving up.

  • admin


    I’d make an awesome dish with Hans, pasta, tomatos and chili, my favourite things ever, the olive oil is great for my cholesterol which is high if I don’t eat the right things.

  • admin

    Sarah T

    I would love to use the pizza salami on a pizza for my family!

  • Tracy Andreatta

    I just checked out their recipes & OMG the Oliving by Hans Kransky & Chargrilled Pumpkin Pizza looks to die for , sounds absolutely delicious ! My family love homemade pizza , its the Italian in them , they’d eat pizza every meal if I let them .

  • Jessica Ashbrooke

    I’m a huge fan of pizza so with some Oliving by hans Hungarian salami I’d whip up an amazing homemade pizza


    Broccoli Salad With Nuts, Orange And Oliving by Hans Hungarian Salami – sounds absolutely amazing – fresh, clean and perfect for that QLD Summer lunch

  • Jennifer B.

    RISOTTO with diced Oliving by Hans KRANSKY would be my ideal basis for a quick and popular dinner!

  • karina l

    A meatlovers pizza with the works, on a thin crust with lashings of BBQ sauce and heaps of cheese!

  • Terri T

    I love pizza, I make my own meatlovers so I can try to make it as low fat as possible, this will definitely help, yum can’t wait to make pizza again 🙂

  • eamond tomaszewski

    toasties are always the best with cheese and fresh tomato

  • Maria

    I’d make a bacon and egg toasted sandwich with a side of tomato and mushrooms. Oh, and lots of tomato sauce.

  • cassandra

    A pasta salad with creamy garlic sauce topped off with Oliving By Hans Rindless Pan Sized Bacon bits

  • Sharon Fawcett

    Some really tasty homemade ham and egg pizzas.

  • Diana O

    Home made pizza’s with the lot, extra bacon and salami too.

  • Di.

    Chilli, basil and salami pasta, with loads of garlic. Ridiculously easy to make, with a taste to die for…..think I’ll make it for dinner tonight now it’s in my head, nothing else will do!

  • Carol James

    This voucher will be very handy for Christmas .

  • Kasey E

    Homemade Pizza….it would taste so much better!

  • Sonya

    My ham, cheese, onion and tomato paste pinwheels! Delicious!

  • debb

    This broccoli salad looks amazing!!!
    I love creating fresh salads using lettuce as the cup

  • Nic

    Bacon and Leek Quiche. I don’t care if it’s not fashionable, quiches are sooooo good!

  • Ariane

    I would use the Salami and make a creamy tomato pasta sauce with peas and salami, sprinkled with black pepper and parmesan cheese with a glass of red wine

  • Sally

    I’d make a heavenly potato bake. Plenty of ham and bacon from the Oliving by Hans range for a perfect and healthy dish without the guilt.

  • Linda

    it would be perfect with home made baked bread!

  • cleo sids

    I would make a healthy pizza as the kids love the different toppings.

  • Julia Mason

    I would make a gorgeous Pizza with Salami as the main topping, the food will be popping off our plates!

  • Cocoa Loco

    I would make chicken and chorizo paella using the Oliving by Hans Chorizo. It’s a family favourite in our house. So yummy.

  • Penny George

    I’m going to make the Broccoli salad for dinner with added bacon. Heaven!!

  • Charlotte S

    We have a relaxed family dinner night on Saturday nights, where the whole family gets into the kitchen and we make something easy and yummy for a movie night… usually pizza! The Oliving by Hans Sliced Pizza Salami would be perfect and easy for make your own pizza before settling in to watch a family flick together… Oliving by Hans helps families enjoy the best slices of life! 🙂

  • Rebecca

    I’d make a delicious pasta dish – olives and salami, with a tomato sauce.


    Such a range of delicious meats in the Oliving by Hans range would provide a fabulous selection of meats for a platter for alfresco summer dining. With peperilli salami, smoked chicken breast, roast turkey and traditional ham from Oliving by Hans, everyone’s taste buds will be excited and satisfied. I would also provide a variety of salads, cheeses, olives, artichoke hearts and avocadoes. All served with a warmed cob loaf and baguettes. Easy to prepare and naturally good for you….not to mention absolutely delicious!

  • Roxanne

    The recipe above looks pretty good 😉

  • Keren

    I’d make a ham and cheese pizza for our Friday night takeaways and also a ham and cheese quiche for our weekend picnics (if it lasts that long)

  • AmberB

    A Legendary Antipasto Platter would be first on my list, along with a lovely glass of wine 🙂

  • Helen W

    That salad looks amazing! Definitely going to try it over summer. At the moment we’re trying to get pregnant (no success so far) so my silver lining to keep my spirits up is deli meat! At the moment I love eating toasted turkish bread rolls so in my Oliving by Hans one I’d have sliced chicken breast, rindless middle bacon, hungarian salami, spinach, sundried tomatoes, cheese and mayo. I’m drooling just thinking about it!

  • Gina

    I would make the yummiest and easiest, the best Kransky hot dogs using Oliving by Hans Cheese Kransky, I mean cheese and a kransky, omg what is there not to love about this. Next on my shopping list lol.

  • Theoni Versace

    So many yummy foods I really don’t know what I’d make first!

  • lynne lillington

    Oliving by Hans Chorizo, prawn and dried tomato risotto, I cook the Chorizo with the rice and it releases all the flavours through the whole dish,

  • Kara

    I would make one amazing big breakfast for the whole family!

  • Lady Tiffany

    Experiment with all the fine fresh foods…whip up a gastronomical delight

  • bubble936

    I will use Oliving by Hans Sliced Pizza Salami to make homemade healthy delicious pizza for lunch and dinner to keep kids happy …

  • Jasmine

    I’d make some Ham wrapped mini Quiches because it’s perfect for parties and great as a snack 🙂

  • Trevor Roberts

    I would make a massive meat lovers pizza with the different Oliving products, sampled the salami at the supermarket yesterday and it was divine, this would make a fantastic Friday night dinner for my hungry kids.

  • Brenda kapsley

    a chilli dish thats a bit like chilli con carne but i use cocktail franks instead of mince when i make it as different flavour that is yum and i know using Oliving by Hans Cocktail Franks will make it very yummy for my family

  • Karla Oleinikoff

    We love our pizza in this house, Oliving ham salami and would make it extra yummy.

  • Tanya Clarke

    I think a pizza would work well for us. My son loves Hawaiian, so ham and pineapple. I think some bacon and eggs would go down well too. 🙂

  • sonia c

    I would perfect the breakfast dish : Ham and cheese French toast recipe

  • Katrina C

    I would experiment with different salads, perfect time for it with summer just around the corner.

  • Suds G

    I would make delicious healthy wraps for a nice summer picnic with friends

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