Options to Consider for Elderly Care

Everyone reaches old age one day, and we are all living much longer than we would have in the past. However, this means that we have an aging population. As we get older, many of us are unable to be completely independent. We need people to help look after us, whether it’s full-time or just for a few hours a day. While some families are willing and able to look after elderly relatives, it’s not possible for everyone. If you need to find care services for a relative or yourself, the choices can be overwhelming. Quality standards of care are essential, so you need to choose the right place. Here are some of the options available to you.


Home Help

Many elderly people have a great desire to stay in their own homes. It’s perfectly understandable if someone wants to stay independent for as long as possible. However, not everyone who wishes to remain at home can look after themselves without help. Some people may need a little bit of help, or sometimes a lot of help. This is where home care comes in and looks after you or an elderly relative at home. You can have qualified nurses, or it could be home carers, who may have training without being medically qualified. They could come for a few hours a day or provide round-the-clock care.


Assisted Living

Assisted living provides an option between being at home at the extensive care of a nursing home. People residing in assisted living can get help with daily tasks. These could include bathing, dressing and transport. But they get their own apartment so that they can have privacy and independence too. It may also provide a more social environment, allowing residents to mix with other people and get out and about. Leading a social life is crucial for elderly people, so this is an important factor.

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Nursing Homes

Some people need dedicated care all day for every day of the week. If someone can no longer care for themselves, a nursing home is often the best option. Many of them cater for a range of needs and conditions. For example, Atrium Nursing Home provides services for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. They also offer palliative and hospice care with skilled nurses on a 24-hour basis. People often worry about nursing homes, but if you find the right one it can improve the quality of life for the whole family.


Independent Living Communities

If staying at home isn’t an option, another choice is an independent living community. It allows people to live independently, but with a few services to help them out. For example, there might be someone to come and clean or do the laundry. Some communities might provide meals or have a café or bistro for people to eat in. There are great opportunities to socialize and make friends too.


You have to think carefully about what type of care is appropriate. If you need to house a relative, consider their needs now and in the future.

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