Can You Do Outdoors Activities Without Leaving Your House?

Go outside. Outside is good. Inside is bad. Outdoors is where the health is, the people doing yoga at sunset and running around playing with dogs. Gardening is good for you; exercise is good for you; just pure sunlight is good for you – everything that’s good for you is outside. So go outside.
Except it’s winter and we are in lockdown.
If there’s ice on the ground or grey in the clouds, then spending your time off work outside seems like a frankly ridiculous idea. Sure, outside is good – but not if it involves getting soaked to the skin.
Sometimes, you just want to be inside, but deciding to spend a day avoiding contact with the elements doesn’t mean it’s a lost day – all you have to do is bring the outside to the inside.
1. Exercise
While we’re constantly encouraged to exercise outdoors, it’s not the only way. Your home is full of gym equipment if you look at it rationally. If you have a staircase, well, there’s your analog stepping machine. An addition of some non-slip matting and you’re good to go.

You don’t need expensive weights unless you plan to make a habit of exercising indoors.
Grab a couple of cans from the pantry, and you’re set. To make them easier to hold on to when your hands get sweaty, a rubber band wrapped around the exterior a few times is all you need.
Then there’s simple stretching. You don’t need to do particular moves or adopt specific positions – just stand up and stretch your muscles, from your neck to your feet. You’ll feel instantly better for it, all the more so if you follow it up with a beneficial magnesium bath.
2. Gardening
If you don’t have much outdoor space or just don’t fancy going outdoors, then you can garden indoors as well. You just have to be prepared to make a bit of a mess, but given the benefits of gardening, a little clean-up seems a small price to pay.
While you can buy plants that are already in their infancy of growth, there is something deeply satisfying about growing from seed.  Plus it’s also a lot cheaper on a cost-per-plant basis.

You can use anything as seedling containers, but a full egg box is the best option for cost benefit. Use the eggs for lunch but keep the shells and grow seeds out of them – not only does it work, but some swear it helps seedlings due to the nutrients found in the egg shells. If you still want to plant more, use the box itself.
Then place your seedlings on a sunny windowsill, so the conventional wisdom goes. But what if the sun is not playing ball? Well, you can stimulate growth with LED lighting such as LumiGrowth. High-octane lighting can mimic the sun’s rays but in your own controlled conditions, meaning you can play God if you see fit – why not have tulips blooming
at Christmas?
3. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a curious nutrient. We need it to live, but it is nigh-on impossible for us to eat it. Instead, most of us get our vitamin D from sunlight.
It is possible to supplement vitamin D, but it will never be as effective as that coming from the sun. Additionally, studies show some popular supplements may actually have detrimental effects.
To get your vitamin D, sit next to a window for 10 minutes per day with your bare skin – your lower arms are sufficient – facing the source of the light, but not in direct light that might burn.

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