Paris to Provence. Win tickets!

One of my favourite events in Melbourne is the Paris to Provence festival. You see, I have a slight addiction to anything French Provincial and this event is on my ‘to do’ list every year. The food (OMG! the food!), homewares, clothing, wine, the atmosphere… it is fantastique! 

For the 3rd year running, Melbourne’s Como House and Garden will be home to the highly anticipated French festival, Paris to Provence. This November, indulge in the smells, tastes and textures of everything that embodies France as you are drawn into the idyllic pop up French village at South Yarra’s historic house.
Taking place over three mesmerising days, Paris to Provence begins on Friday, 23 November with a French soiree. Lose yourself in the pretty, white marquees and lavish entertainment – you may find yourself transported to Montmatre for the evening. This event will be followed by a weekend of entertainment and unique stalls to enjoy. On Saturday, 24 and Sunday, 25 November, be taken back to the picturesque setting of a French provincial village where your taste buds will be excited and the 2.5 tonne Dutch street organ will have you on your feet.

Building on the success of previous years, this year’s event is set to be is bigger and better than ever. Pamper yourself over the weekend as you step into the luxurious L’Occitane marquee, showcasing the latest in beauty and luxury that will undoubtedly have you glowing like a Parisian twilight. Hear author, Jane Webster speak about her wonderful life in France and latest book, French Ties on Saturday and Sunday in the Grand Ballroom.
Melbourne is the home to some of Australia’s best food and wine and this year’s Paris to Provence event will showcase the very best of the French bistro, patisserie and restaurant culture. Last year saw a range of chefs, including Philippe Mouchel from P M 24 and Pierrick Boyer from Le Petit Gateau captivating audiences with a range of delightful cooking demonstrations. Both of these marvellous and charismatic chefs will be back this year by popular demand. Chez Olivier of Greville Street, Prahran will take over the vacant café and courtyard with a French style rotisserie and incredible French theme.
Gabriel Gate of SBS’ Taste le Tour will host a number of events over the weekend including cooking demonstrations and a presentation on the Friday evening entitled The Amazing French Gastronomy. The Amazing French Gastronomy will be an intimate event with a maximum of 50 people in the Grand Ballroom and will delve into his experiences with Taste le Tour. Guests will enjoy a charcuterie and cheese platter and one lucky attendee will win a trip to France.
Find entertainment for the whole family with French property seminars, wine tastings, chocolate appreciation classes, live music, cultural demonstrations, magic shows, an open-air market, a restored vintage Citroen and all the French food your heart could possibly desire. Petit Atelier will take over the Pavillion and host free 40 minute art classes for children throughout the weekend and L’Ecole Francaise de Melbourne (French school of Melbourne) will hold traditional French children’s games on the centre north lawn.

Both founders of the festival, Laura Rancie and Samantha Triaca, have a strong desire to showcase all that France has to offer. From the vast beauty, to traditional culture, to the culinary food and famous fashion of France, Paris to Provence represents something special to both of them and now they are sharing it with the entire community.
In the lead up to the French Festival, francophones & francophiles alike can win prizes by accessing the official Melbourne French Festival Facebook page. Over the course of the event weekend there will be an array of prizes on offer including four overseas trips to France and French speaking destinations, with many of the stallholders also contributing to the prize pool.
To avoid queues, pre-paid tickets are available or purchase at the door. Platinum La Tour Eiffel ticket includes unlimited festival entry, Friday night cocktail party, access after dark to the Chez Olivier courtyard with canapés, private magic show and mimes (limited to 70 people). Someone on this magically evening will win a trip to Tahiti. 

For up to date information and dates including a list of festival participants and prizes, visit 
But for 5 lucky readers, we are giving away 5 double passes to Paris to Provence. Just leave a comment below telling me what you love about France or something French. 

Competition closes 5PM Friday 16th November. 


  • Michelle Symes

    I love the memories France holds for me. My husband proposed at Mont St Michele. We worked in the french alps for 6 glorious months nibbling on saucisson and devouring pane a chocolat. I miss it terribly and would love to be immersed in all that is french closer to home

    • Kellie Anderson

      It is definitely a touch of France in Melbourne. Gorgeous setting and everything French. It is wonderful!

  • Debbie Packham

    Have just discovered an amazing cheese – Delice de Bourgogne. It’s amazing. I wonder if there will be any at Paris to Provence? Would love to go hunting for it!

    • Kellie Anderson

      I’m not sure, Debbie but when I went last year they had heaps of different French cheeses! I was in cheese heaven!

  • Amanda

    The food. The attitude towards food. The culture around food. The deliciousness of the food. Did I mention food?

  • Marsha Byron

    My love affair with all things French started when I was 16 when I went to see the historical film about the life of Marie Antoinette. Since then my love for all things French has sparked the flame and my passion for all things vintage & French things such as antiques, French food, French Jewellery, French decor and of course trying to perfect the French macaroon.

  • Marsha Byron

    My love affair with all things French started when I was 16 when I went to see the historical film about the life of Marie Antoinette. Since then my love for all things French has sparked the flame and my passion for all things vintage & French things such as antiques, French food, French Jewellery, French decor and of course trying to perfect the French macaroon ♥♥♥

  • janic

    I love everything about France, its beautiful capital city Paris, the city of love and light. The gorgeous country villages,the beautiful monuments, my favourite being the eiffel tower. The wine,the cheese.All my family and friends that I left there.And of course last but not least the wonderful food:croissants,baguettes et pains au chocolat,foie gras,galettes bretonnes et galettes des rois,buche de noel,etc etc,omg I prefer to stop here:-D

  • Anne-Sophie Foucherand

    Im french and i move to Australia 8 years ago , i love it here but i do miss my country sometimes… I miss the food, the culture … so it would be nice to get a bit of a taste of France in Melbourne, merci for reading this .
    A bientot.

  • Belinda P

    What I love the best about France is the utter reverence to food – especially the quality. You just know you have stepped into some kind of foodie heaven when you find a patisserie where one lady serves the delightful pastries and bread and one is then directed to the madame who is in charge of the money. There is no way that the person who handles the food will also handle the cash. You can take the time you need to make your important food choices and every question is answered with intimate knowledge of the processes used to make the food. This kind of respect exists in so many shops and when you combine this with a classic sense of style, class and history, well you just know that you are somewhere special. As a dedicated Francophile, I am always desperately trying to find little patches of France where ever I can in Melbourne so this festival is also one of the highlights of the year for me!

  • Dan

    The bubbles and the cheese. What other country gave my stomach so much?

  • Jen Holdstock

    Brasserie Flo in Reims, sipping champagne in Champagne. C’est magnifique.

  • Effie

    I love PARIS!

    The women are glamorous,
    The men are amorous,
    The city is exciting,
    Its parks are inviting,
    The attractions are majestic,
    And the shopping is fantastic!

  • Lyndall

    P_retty sites with
    A_mazing history
    R_omantic and
    I_ncredible fashion

  • Anonymous

    It is on my ‘Bucket List’ and a friend is on holiday there at the moment – soooooo jealous though can’t wait to here more stories on her return.
    What a pefect setting Como House is for the festival!!
    * bubbles
    * almond cioossants
    * cheese
    * frogs legs

  • jayleen Considine

    I remember racing through the streets and on the metro in the aim to reach our booked time for the eiffel tower. It was like our own version of the amazing race. The view was amazing our then 4 yr old feel in love with paris- and can’t wait to go back to live when he’s grown up he busy practising his french to get ready

  • Sutejo tan

    I love anything about French. The language is beautiful, their food is delicious, their cities are fabulous, and their culture is so elegant. I think I could be French on my previous life. 😛

  • Joyce @ TOT: HOT OR NOT

    My birthday is on Bastille Day so every year is a chance to indulge in my love for all things French – the language, the food, the wine, the films, the ballet, the fashion, the history, the landscape. The Paris to Provence festival sounds like just the place for me to spend a weekend since I can't hop the Eurostar to Paris on a whim these days!

  • Anonymous

    I first travelled to France in 2006 and immediately fell in love with the country. It is after all the most romantic country in the world. I especially love the pastries and the fashion. I can't wait to make another trip back soon.

    Ann (oceanian[at]lycos[dot]com)

  • Laura D'Anna

    I've never been, but my husband is French. I would love to go and visit his family – and of course taste the wine, enjoy the food and visit the iconic sights! I'd especially love to see the Louvre. I love the food, the culture and of course the sights and can't wait to see it first hand.

  • Maxine

    I have only been to Paris, but I love everything about it, the culture, the history, the magic that is Paris, so much so that I am going again next year

  • B Prinzen

    As they say in France – ce n'est pas qui tu aimes c'est comment tu aimes – it is not who you love, it is how you love and that sums up for me the passion the French seem to have for everything – they love their language, they love their food, they love their romance and their sense of style. Unfortunately I can afford to go all the way to France so the next best thing would be to attend

  • David

    I love the langage I love the French I have never been to France, but France is a dream. I just so want to kiss my girl at night over looking the city of Paris.

  • David

    I love the langage I love the French I have never been to France, but France is a dream. I just so want to kiss my girl at night over looking the city of Paris.

  • Helen

    The image of Parisians, ambling home for the day with their baguettes, the ends always missing. I always wondered what delicious meals they would end up part of…

  • Christine

    Created memories for life last year staying on iles St. Louis, most special lunch at le Meurice, turning the corner on the river boat to see the Eiffel Tower in its splendour twinkling in the clear night, a night in the front row of circle at Paris garnier, walking up towards Montmartre and the feel of beauty and style in so many guises just everywhere. Just in lovd with PAris. Back to France next year!

  • Theresa W.

    French cuisine is the highest art form of any culinary tradition. It’s amazingly delicious!

  • Destrina K.

    The French really know how to *live* passionately and savour life in their food, music, art, or love. I love their unconscionable attitude to living in the moment, and uncompromised standards in presentation and taste. Combined with their innate grace, charm and elegance, they are always a class above.
    Their serious appreciation to food extends to imposing strict meal and break times to savour their three course lunch or favourite almond croissant. I wish we could live in their pace and refined senses.

  • Stephanie Schiller Delage

    My favourite thing about France is my French husband Francois! A close second would be the amazing tarte au citron that he makes from time to time.

  • Novatus K.

    Nothing can beat the French provincial furniture. Simple and elegant what it is.

  • Varideux

    I love the beautiful language and their commitment to style.

  • Sophie B

    What I love about France is museum hopping, wandering through art galleries, and sitting at a sidewalk café people-watching and I also love to sample the local cuisine and wander aimlessly through the city streets.

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