Peace of Mind For Your Family


With the terrible rise of random attacks in the streets and children being abducted, we think it is better to be safe than sorry in this day and age.

Peace of mind when it comes to your loved ones is vitally important.  Knowing that you can track them if they go missing, or that they can contact you in an emergency without a mobile phone, is priceless especially if you have school age children who travel to and from school.

Many children take trains, buses, bikes or walk to school and knowing where they are when you start to worry is a sanity saver and sometimes a life-saving one. My eldest walked to school and there were times where I was worried about where he was. Usually it was nothing and he was with his friends but it is normal for parents to worry.

Of course, there are children who have illnesses like autism and ADHD where the child can wander off or run away without your knowledge, this was the case over Easter with a young autistic boy who wandered off from a camping site and being able to locate him with the ease of a gps tracker would have been a simple way of finding the child without the worry or needing the authorities to track down the child.

So what can we do to make sure our loved ones are safe?

I recently came across SafetyNet 24/7. The SafetyNet 24/7 is a wearable device, is easy to use and incorporates GPS technology to locate the wearer’s location in an emergency.  The personal safety alarm can be configured to call up to five phone numbers. As soon as the alarm is triggered, SafetyNet 24/7 can set up a two-way communication channel with family, guardians, friends, co-workers or emergency services. If nobody is available to accept the call it can automatically redirect to an always available number like 000 or a nurse’s station. We have also put human checks in place to make sure voicemail can not accept the call.

The device is shaped like a remote control for a garage and is small enough to put into school bags, pockets, handbags and on your keyring.

safetynet 247

For sufferers of mental illness, this device also offers peace of mind for family/carers, as the location of the wearer can be tracked if they go missing.

For adult children with elderly parents, the device offers that added measure of security, knowing that your family member can call for help quickly without any confusing equipment, without needing to look for a phone or reading glasses. The large red button is simple to activate.
It can even be used for pets! Simply attach the device to your dog’s collar and if it goes missing the GPS tracker can locate your best friend. I need one for Max the shihpoo, as he regularly wonders off if he gets out the front.

Best of all, Safteynet 24/7 is only $25 a month. Very affordable technology for peace of mind.

For more information on Safetynet 24/7, visit their website

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