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During the month of May, Australians are asked to take a stand and paint their middle fingers as a statement against the harmful culture of body shaming.  Your middle finger can make a difference to someone’s life and have a positive impact on society’s approach towards negative body imaging.   The Butterfly Foundation encourages everyone to have a more positive approach towards body imagining.

Launching on 6th May, The Butterfly Foundation’s new inaugural fundraising campaign, Don’t DIS My Appearance takes a stand against appearance-based judgment and to help fight eating disorders.

In 2014, approximately 1 million people suffered from eating disorders in Australia.  The Butterfly Foundation aims to create a world that celebrates health, well-being and diversity.

Butterfly CEO, Christine Morgan, says negative body image – often perpetuated by the experience of being judged and shamed by others – can be a contributing factor to developing an eating disorder.

“Painting your middle finger is a cheeky and symbolic way of saying, I am more than my appearance, and no-one has a right to judge me based on how I look.

“By supporting the Don’t DIS My Appearance campaign, you are taking a stand against appearance based judgment and helping to affect positive change for those living with an eating disorder,” continues Ms Morgan.

New to Australia FABY Nails has chosen to support the Butterfly Foundation because we believe in positive body imaging.  Commenting on the alignment, General Manager of FABY Nails Australia, Karon McKendrick-Taylor states; “Many people use nail polish to express themselves and their emotions and we believe this campaign is perfectly aligned with FABY’s brand values towards positive imaging.”

FABY will donate 100% of profits from online sales of selected nail lacquers sold during the month of May 2015.

Don't Dis My Appearance

Celebrities have also taken part in the campaign including TV personality Andrew O’Keefe, actress Brooke Satchwell, journalist Tracey Spicer, 2015 Queensland Young Australian of the Year, Yassmin Adbel-Magied, social commentator Jane Caro, media personality, Joe Hildebrand; rugby union greats, Peter FitzSimons and Nick Farr-Jones; television presenters, Justine Clarke and Jay Laga’aia; and artist, Ken Done.

FABY Lacquers

FABY Nail Lacquer is available for purchase online at www.fabyboutique.com.au or via www.dontdismyappearance.org.au during the month of May.


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