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A practical home is always the goal. This is especially the case if you have kids around the place. You’ll want a home that looks good but serves its purpose. Yet, all too often, these things don’t go hand in hand. We’re made to think that a practical home will look unattractive. As such, we make our lives harder in an attempt to get the house of our dreams. But, what if we were to tell you that practicality doesn’t have to look as unappealing as you think? It’s all about how you approach the problem. Here are some of the most important points you should focus on.


Stairs are the bane of many of our lives. It may be that you have pushchairs to maneuver. Or, health issues could make stairs hard to navigate. The most obvious option in this instance is a stair lift. While it serves a purpose, it can be hard to make one of these suit a stylish interior. In fact, stairlifts stick out like sore thumbs. So, what are your alternatives? You could remove the problem of stairs altogether. Bungalows get a bad reputation. Bear in mind, though, that the majority of the bungalows we see are made to suit old age. You could design one to suit your needs. Or, if that seems like a step too far, look into installing a personal elevator. These are a high-class addition to any home, and they serve a purpose. You wouldn’t have to juggle your way up and down stairs any longer. You could simply hop in your elevator and press a button.


Another issue many of us face is that of cleanliness. It may be that you don’t have time to clean or have kids who make the place messy the moment you turn your back. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to find classic interior that’s easy to clean. All you need to do is take a little time with your search. You might not find the perfect thing straight away, but you’ll get there. Look out for easy to clean fabrics. Furniture with removable covers could also work well. Moreover, you should also think about improving the indoor air quality of your house which can be a major factor in keeping your house healthy and clean. For this, you can consult a company that provides air cleaner services and request an estimate about the budget of the service.

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This point applies mainly to the parents out there. How often do you wish you could cook in the kitchen and still keep an eye on your children? Well, now you can. Even better, you can do it with style. If you want to avoid major work, you could install subtle cameras throughout the house. Trust us, that’s not as creepy as it sounds. You’re not opting for subtle versions so you can spy! The benefits are aesthetic. Or, you could go all out and develop an open plan layout. There’s no denying that this requires a lot of work, and it’s not possible in every home. But, if it’s an option, it’s worth considering. Open plan living is ever growing in popularity, and there are a variety of ways you can make the style work.

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