Peter Alexander Launches Winnie the Pooh Range

I don’t think I have been so excited in my life. My two favourite things in the whole world (well other than my boys, husband and furbabies) have collaborated on new range. Peter Alexander have released a limited edition Winnie the Pooh bear range.

Ok, let me give you a background of my fascination with Winnie the Pooh. When I was little, I think I had every Winnie the Pooh book ever produced. I used to love reading the silly old bear’s exploits and adventures around the Hundred Acre Wood, Pooh bear had with his friends, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl, Kanga and Roo.

When the boys were born, Target had a Pooh Bear lined pram so, of course, I had to have that and a Pooh Bear baby bag. To be fair, sixteen years ago there wasn’t the stylish (and expensive) prams and bags there are now. Cute baby print was in!

Anyway, suffice to say, this early 40’s Mum is jumping for joy over the king of pyjamas new collection. I mean, who wouldn’t want some tubby little cubby, all stuffed with fluff on your pjs?

Oh bother! The range is just too cute. I think my credit card is going to get a hammering with this range.


From Pooh Bear face raglan sweater and pants, to onesies, to cute sets. I’m sure you will find something that suits your taste in Pooh.

Plus size:

I am loving the cute Pooh bear set in the first pic and the nightie (even through I don’t wear nighties). I have previously bought nighties from Peter Alexander and bought a smaller size and worn it as a tunic style top over pants. Fantastic for cold nights and you need your back covered!


The men’s Winnie The Pooh Fur Hoodie looks so snuggly and warm. How nice would this top be to lounge around on the couch in?


What is more gorgeous than cute kids in cute pjs? Well, bearly anything!


As well as the cutest range of pjs ever, there are the most adorable beanies and slippers.


To find out more about the range, head to the Peter Alexander website.


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