Weed Out The Issues Spoiling Your Garden

Are you thinking about improving your home? Now that the sun has emerged from behind the clouds, you might be considering working on your garden. Whether your thinking about a future sale or you’re just eager to make your home as beautiful as possible, the garden is a great area to focus on. Through the summer season, your garden can be a great place to share drinks or meals with friends and family. Or, it can be perfect if you’re having a staycation this summer. But for this to be true, we need to improve it and tackle the issues that are causing problems in your garden. Let’s look at a few issues as well as their possible solutions.

No Sunny Spot

Ideally, you want areas with both sun and shade in your garden. However, if your garden is completely surrounded by large trees, it’s possible that there’s no area where the sun shines down brightly on it. Instead, the trees block them out completely. If you are having this issue, you might want to think about getting the trees removed. A certified arborist can help you here and make sure that these trees are removed safely without damaging the surrounding area of your garden.

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It is possible that the trees in question are not on your land. If the trees are part of someone else’s land, your first point of call may be to speak to them. If they are uncooperative, you might want to think about contacting your local council. They should be able to help and work out a solution that benefits both parties.

Privacy Problems

Of course, it’s possible that the issue is more to do with privacy than shade. If there’s nothing surrounding your garden and your home is completely overlooked, then your neighbours will always be able to see in. This might not be what you want for bathing suit season.

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The answer would be to plan screener trees. Screener trees are useful for several reasons. First, they’re typically evergreen which means that they stay full and thick all year around. Second, they grow fast to make sure that you get the effects as quickly as possible. You might be worried about the issue of too much shade again, but this can be rectified by cutting the trees back regularly.

No Seating Area

If your garden is all grass, you might want to think about setting up a seating area in your yard. You could build a deck in your garden. It’s far better to have a deck because then the furniture won’t sink into the grass, causing unpleasant muddy welts. If you are unsure of how to build a deck in your backyard, you can check out this great video guide:

Alternatively, consider speaking to a landscaper. They will build a beautiful deck for you that will make the perfect dining area in your backyard.

We hope this deals with some of the issues spoiling your garden and allows you to get it ready for the perfect summer season.

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