Peter Morrissey for Big W.

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When I was asked recently if I would like to review the latest clothing ranges from Big W, particularly the Peter Morrissey range, I quickly agreed. Hello… I get to buy clothing.. and from one of my favourite designers!

You see I first bought a Peter Morrissey for Big W dress back in October 2010. It was a chiffon type material, black and white dress. Gorgeous and flattering…well apart from the safety pin I had to wear in the middle of the chest area (it was a perfect size 14 but unfortunately, not for those of us with DD/E cup sizes). So a pin to keep my modesty intact it was (see picture below)!

 meomni copy

Back to present day and this seasons range by Mr M is just gorgeous. So gorgeous in fact, that when I went to my local Big W there wasn’t much left in stock. I really wanted the ombre maxi dress and the striped skirt in the top picture but apparently they sold out very quickly. However, I did purchase some gorgeous pieces from the range.

First off the rank were the stunning black stilettos ($29), the gather top ($18.96), black blazer ($39. Sold out online. Limited stock in store) and print skirt ($25. Black or red. Sold out online, limited stock in store).

big W collage

I also bought the striped top ($18.96). Mixing patterns is huge at the moment and the monotone pieces work well together. The skirt and top are very flattering and feel lovely on.

What I love most about the range is you can afford to buy designer pieces for under $50. The quality is fantastic, which you wouldn’t have thought possible with such affordable items but I would dare to say that the clothing would last quite a while after many, many washes.

I was a bit apprehensive about doing the posts for Big W (yes, next week I show you the new Michelle Bridges range, which also coincides with myself starting at the gym!).

If you have been reading my blog for the past nearly 5 years, you will know that I rarely do ‘selfies’ or full photos… this was a huge thing for me to go through with.

I love fashion but I would rather write or talk about it than show myself wearing it. I guess I have just conquered one of my fears… pictures of myself (Only next time, I will wear my hair down)!

To quote Mr M “Fashion is there to enhance your life, not to torture you. Fashion should be embraced.” Yes, Mr M! Yes it is!
You can see more of the range at:
To celebrate the launch of the Peter Morrissey for Big W Spring collection, Big W and I are giving away a $200 voucher to one of my lucky readers! Yay you!
Competition is open from 12/8/2013 to 18/8/2013 and is open to Australian residents only.
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22 thoughts on “Peter Morrissey for Big W.

  1. Peter Morrissey Skinny Jeans! To hold my butt and thighs in place!

  2. The Peter Morrissey stiletto’s look divine
    I would really love to make them mine!
    Teamed with dresses in bright summery hues
    These would make the perfect shoes!

  3. I absolutely love the floral print skirt and dress by Peter Morrissey, I think I might even buy both!

  4. The Peter Morrissey Lolita Stiletto Heels!!! Love! Love! Love them! 🙂

  5. Love the skinny jeans, a little motivation to lose those winter kilo’s before the weather starts to warm up!

  6. The Block Stripe Dress is the type of dress I would chuck on and look super stylish with a red necklace and red ballet flats. When you’re a busy mum, fashion that is easy to wear and move in is key.
    I love your purchases too by the way. 🙂

  7. I would get the Black and White Stripe Dress. It looks like the perfect dress to chuck on when you need something stylish and have a busy schedule with kids. I would also style it with some red shoes. I love your purchases by the way. 😉

  8. The skirts, I love skirts and the tween jacket, its a Chanel look-a-like and totally love it. I can pair it with jeans, pants and even the skirts.

  9. I’d pick the gather top! It’s a stylish wardrobe staple for Spring!

  10. I think id have to go the Stiletto heels. They are just gorgeous and reminds me that Spring is just around the corner. They are such a classy style and the ankle strap is the icing on the cake! WOW! I love that they can take you from work to out on the town in an instant! Just stunning.

  11. Peter Morrissey Stiletto Heels & gather top will definitely be great to have in my wardrobe. Being a stay at home mum with two toddlers,being able to get ready with stylish clothes is always like a dream come true.

  12. Those Peter Morrissey Stiletto Heel are to die for and as the saying goes “If the shoe fits… buy one in every color.”

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